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More Financial Inclusion Digital Payments Access to Banking

India still among countries with poor access to banking: Report

More than half of population without access to banking lives in 7 developing countries: World Bank
By Madhumita Paul for DownToEarth on July 5, 2022
Health Adolescent Pregnancy Developing Countries Childbearing

‘World is failing adolescent girls’ warns UNFPA chief, as report shows third of women in developing countries give birth in teen years

Nearly a third of all women in developing countries, start having children at the age of 19 or younger, and nearly half of first births to adolescents, are to children or girls aged 17 or under, new research released on Tuesday by UNFPA, the UN sexual and reproductive health agency, reveals.
From UN News on July 5, 2022
Children School Closure Education Enrollment In Schools

India’s mass closure of schools is leaving lakhs of students stranded

In many remote areas, students have few options other than single-teacher schools in their villages. These are the very schools the government has targeted.
Children Mental Health Marginalised Children COVID-19

Covid spiked mental health issues in marginalised kids in India: Report

While the Covid-19 pandemic was hard for all, children belonging to the most marginalised section in India were the worst affected as it led to their increased isolation, affecting their mental health
By IANS for Business Standard on June 28, 2022
Urban Persons With Disability Transport System Urban Transportation

On the Move: Urban Travel Experiences of Persons With Disabilities and A Path to Build More Inclusive Transport Systems

Report from Ola Mobility Institute, published 2021
More Socio Economic Impacts of COVID-19 Vulnerable Populations Community Based Monitoring

Assessing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic On the socio-economic situation of vulnerable populations through community-based monitoring

Report from UNICEF, published 2021
Health Non-communicable Diseases Premature Deaths Economic Benefit

Saving lives, spending less: a strategic response to noncommunicable diseases

Report from WHO, published 2018
Children Child Mortality COVID-19 Child Deaths

Levels and trends in child mortality

Report from UNICEF, published 2021
Environment Methane Greenhouse Gas Emission Global Warming

Methane much more sensitive to global heating than previously thought – study

Greenhouse gas has undergone rapid acceleration and scientists say it may be due to atmospheric changes
By Kate Ravilious for The Guardian on July 5, 2022
Women Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) Online Harassment Cyber Crime

Online and ICT* facilitated violence against women and girls during COVID-19

Report from UN Women, published 2020
Children Child Marriage Human Rights Violations Child Brides

Ending Child Marriage: A profile of progress in India

Report from UNICEF, published 2019
Children Child Marriage Marriage Registration Birth Registration

Child marriage in India

Report from Plan International, published 2013