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Children Children in Conflict Zones Violations against Children Maim

New Report: Number of Children Living in Deadliest Conflict Countries Jumps Nearly 10% in One Year

An average of 22 children a day were killed and maimed in 2021 despite overall drop in grave violations against children.
From Save The Children on November 30, 2022
Health Gender Inequality HIV/AIDS Gender Norms

Gender inequalities hampering global efforts to end AIDS

Inequalities will prevent the world from meeting agreed global targets on AIDS, but a “feminist route map” can get countries back on track, the UN agency leading the fight against the disease said in a report published on Tuesday.
From UN News on November 29, 2022
Women Exclusion People of Color Women in Media

‘Culture of exclusion’ keeps women of colour from top media jobs, report reveals

Analysis of media organisations and news stories shows underrepresentation across editorial leadership and coverage
By Lizzy Davies for The Guardian on November 30, 2022
Environment Floods Urbanization Economic Impacts

Flood risk rises in Asia as cities grow, land sinks

Water hazards affect one-third of region's population
By Kosuke Inoue for Nikkei Asia on November 27, 2022
Environment Coastal Communities Paper Mills Pollution

In Coastal Communities, the Toxic Legacy of Pulp and Paper Mills

In Canada and elsewhere, decades of balancing good-paying mill jobs with environmental protection comes at a cost.
By Larry Pynn for undark on November 28, 2022
Health Oral Health Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) Oral Diseases

3 Out of 4 People in Low-Income Countries Affected by Oral Diseases: WHO Report

A new WHO report says that over the last 30 years, oral diseases have increased by 1 billion globally.
By Garima Sadhwani for The Quint on November 28, 2022
Environment Electric Vehicles Environmental Impacts Environmental Degradation

The dirty road to clean energy: how China’s electric vehicle boom is ravaging the environment

In neighboring Indonesia, nickel extraction is causing environmental and social devastation
By Antonia Timmerman for Rest of World on November 28, 2022
Environment Noise Pollution Climate Change Climate Change Impact

Frontiers 2022: Noise, Blazes and Mismatches

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) works to identify and draw attention to emerging issues of environmental concern. The UNEP Frontiers’ report continues to advance this work, signaling environmental issues and solutions for effective and timely responses. Some issues may be local, relatively small-scale issues today, but may have the potential to become an issue of regional or global concern if not addressed early.
Report from UNEP, published 2022
Environment Ecological Threat Conflict Climate Threats

Ecological Threat Report 2022: Analysing Ecological Threats, Resilience & Peace

The Ecological Threat Report (ETR) is a comprehensive, datadriven analysis covering 3,638 sub-national administrative units in 228 independent countries and territories. It covers 99.99 per cent of the world's population and assesses threats relating to food security, water stress, population pressures and natural disasters. The report identifies countries that are most at risk of catastrophic outcomes due to ecological threats and uses the lens of societal resilience to predict the countries most likely to suffer from instability and conflict in the future.
Report from Institute for Economics & Peace, published 2022
Children Child Food Poverty Nutritional Deficiency Early Childhood

Child Food Poverty: A Nutrition Crisis in Early Childhood

This brief sounds the alarm on the crisis of child food poverty – a state where young children are not fed the bare minimum number of food groups they need in early childhood. It presents data to illustrate how many children are experiencing food poverty, how many children are living in severe food poverty, what their diets look like, where they live – including in which households, communities and countries – and how these metrics have changed over time.
Report from UNICEF, published 2022
Economy Debt Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) Education Financing

Fixing a Broken System: Transforming global education financing

This report explores recent trends in global education financing and explains how growing debt burdens across low- and lower middle-income countries are restricting governments’ abilities to adequately invest in children’s education.
Report from Save The Children, published 2022
Environment Climate Disasters Climate Action Climate Change Mitigation

‘We need to match frequency and intensity of climate disasters with bold, collective action’

Mitigation, rehabilitation efforts inadequate; Loss of access to resources not compensated
By Debabrat Patra for DownToEarth on November 25, 2022