Women Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) Online Harassment Cyber Crime

Online and ICT* facilitated violence against women and girls during COVID-19

Report from UN Women, published 2020
Women Women Workers Precarity Gendered Impacts

Gendered Precarity In the Lockdown: What the Lockdown Shows Us About the Precarity of Women Workers

Report from SEWA Bharat, published 2020
Women Women Refugees Migrant Women Women's Safety

Migrant and Refugee Women in Australia: The Safety and Security Study

Report from Monash University, published 2021
Women Forcibly Displaced Persons Women's Safety Gender-based violence (GBV)

Protecting Forcibly Displaced Women and Girls During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Report from UNHRC, published 2021
Women Bodily Autonomy Women's Rights Right To Autonomy

My Body Is My Own: Claiming the Right To Autonomy and Self-determination

Report from UNFPA, published 2021
Women Women in Parliament Women in Politics Women’s Political Participation

Women in Parliament in 2021

Report from Inter-Parliamentary Union, published 2022
Women Female Journalists Online Attacks Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG)

The Chilling: Global trends in online violence against women journalists

Report from UNESCO, published 2021
Women Domestic Work Social Norms Unpaid Work

Progress of the World’s Women 2019–2020

Report from UN Women, published 2019
Women Information Communication Technologies Women's Participation Gender Equality

Doubling Digital Opportunities: Enhancing the Inclusion of Women & Girls in the Information Society

Women COVID-19 Unpaid Work Women's Health

The Impact of COVID-19 on Women

Report from United Nations, published 2020