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Women Women's Rights Peacekeeping Gender Equality

Promoting women’s rights, a ‘proven’ strategy for peace and stability

The Women, Peace and Security agenda is “one of our best hopes” for a more peaceful future and a liveable planet, UN Secretary-General António Guterres told the Security Council on Wednesday.
From UN News on June 15, 2022
Women COVID-19 Gender-based violence (GBV) Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG)

UN Women and UNDP report: Five lessons from COVID-19 for centring gender in crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has deepened a trio of interlocking crises that threaten women and girls around the world: spiking levels of gender-based violence, steep losses in employment and an unmanageable increase in unpaid care work.
From UN Women on June 23, 2022
Justice Gender-based violence (GBV) Counselling Domestic Violence

Help desks and counselling reduce gender-based violence

Bringing down gender-based violence (GBV) in remote Odisha villages, “GBV warriors” set up help desks, offer counselling and point victims towards Sakhi centres that offer medical and legal help.
By Rakhi Ghosh for Village Square on May 16, 2022
Women Digital Spaces Marginalised Women Women's Rights

How Digital Spaces Are Pushing Marginalised Women Campaigners Further Into Shadows

The rights of women from India’s marginalised communities are being disproportionately constrained and eroded in digital civic spaces, says a report by The Bachchao Project, a techno-feminist research and advocacy collective.
By Eisha Hussain for BehanBox on June 20, 2022
Women Women’s Land Rights Women’s Land Ownership Widows

“A piece of land can permanently secure a woman’s future”

A day in the life of a paralegal worker in Gujarat who builds awareness about the importance of women’s land rights and supports widows in claiming land ownership.
By Atiben Varsat for India Development Review on June 16, 2022
Justice Marital Rape Marriage Women's Rights

Explainer: Marital rape split verdict reflects two different ideas of marriage and women’s rights

One judge held that the marital rape exception is unconstitutional. The other maintained that marriage carried the ‘legitimate expectation of sex’.
By Umang Poddar for on May 13, 2022
Justice Abortion Rights Bodily Autonomy Pregnant Women

Abortion Laws In India: Do Pregnant People Have Agency Over Their Own Bodies?

At present, there are 73 countries that grant abortion at the pregnant person’s request, and India is not one of them.
By Stephy Stephen for Feminism In India on May 24, 2022
Justice Bodily Autonomy Consent Marital Rape

Is it really up for debate that men can’t force their wives into sex?

The fight for women’s bodily autonomy, once thought to be set in stone, is coming under attack around the world
By Rituparna Chatterjee for Independent on May 14, 2022
Women Polygamy Muslims Women's Rights

Polygamy: Muslim women in India fight 'abhorrent' practice

A 28-year-old Muslim woman's petition to a court, seeking to prevent her husband from taking another wife without her written consent, has put the spotlight on the practice of polygamy among Indian Muslims.
By Geeta Pandey for BBC on May 10, 2022
Women Unintended Pregnancy Women's Rights Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR)

‘Staggering number’ of unintended pregnancies reveals failure to uphold women’s rights

Nearly half of all pregnancies, totalling 121 million each year worldwide, are unintended, according to a new report published on Wednesday by the UN’s sexual and reproductive health agency, UNFPA.
From UN News on March 30, 2022