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Women Female Labour Force Participation Dropout Women's Employment

Dropping Out, Being Pushed Out or Can't Get in? Decoding Declining Labour Force Participation of Indian Women

The stubbornly low and declining level of labor force participation rate (LFPR) of Indian women has prompted a great deal of attention with a focus on factors constraining women's labour supply. Using 12 rounds of a high frequency household panel survey, we demonstrate volatility in Indian women's labour market engagement, as they exit and (re)enter the labor force multiple times over short period for reasons unrelated to marriage, child-birth, or change in household income. We demonstrate how these frequent transitions exacerbate the issue of measurement of female LFPR.
Report from SSRN, published 2021
Women Gender Equality Women's Rights Government Responses

Government responses to COVID-19: Lessons on gender equality for a world in turmoil

Report from UN Women, published 2022
Women Domestic Violence Women's Health National Family Health Survey

Domestic Violence and Women’s Health in India: Insights from NFHS-4

Report from Observer Research Foundation, published 2022
Women Low-Income Households COVID-19 Women's Employment

Impact of Covid-19 on women in low-income households in India

Report from Dalberg, published 2021
Women Formal Sector COVID-19 Women's Employment

Impact of COVID-19 and Industry 4.O on Future of Work for Women An Insight from Formal Sector in India

Report from UNDP, FICCI, published 2021
Women Gender Equality Sexual Harassment Economic Empowerment

Women, Business and the Law 2022

Report from The World Bank, published 2022
Women Women Refugees Migrant Women Women's Safety

Migrant and Refugee Women in Australia: The Safety and Security Study

Report from Monash University, published 2021
Equality COVID-19 Economic Inequality Income Loss

COVID-19 and Economic Inequality Short-Term Impacts with Long-Term Consequences

Report from The World Bank, published 2022
Women Adolescent Well-Being Young Women Women's Employment

Investing in the pathways to employment, For adolescent girls and young women in low and middle-income countries

Report from UNICEF, GenderSmart, VOLTA, published 2020
Women Gender Equality Women's Economic Empowerment Women Empowerment

Women’s Economic Empowerment in Bihar, Opportunities and Challenges

Report from Centre for Catalyzing Change, published 2018