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Rural Livestock Farming Economic Benefit

The benefits and challenges of small livestock farming in India

Rearing small livestock like poultry, goats, and sheep has the potential to deliver economic benefits to women, Adivasi communities, and other marginalised groups. Here’s how different stakeholders can build the ecosystem.
Women Women’s Land Rights Women’s Land Ownership Widows

“A piece of land can permanently secure a woman’s future”

A day in the life of a paralegal worker in Gujarat who builds awareness about the importance of women’s land rights and supports widows in claiming land ownership.
By Atiben Varsat for India Development Review on June 16, 2022
Women Women Farmers Gender Roles Gender Inequality

Mechanisation Of Farming: Gender Roles, Caste, And Loss Of Employment For Women

New equipment or machinery is majorly entrusted to male farmers, reducing both opportunities and confidence for female workers.
By Sohini Sengupta for Feminism In India on June 9, 2022
Environment Climate Resilience Climate Justice Gender Vulnerability

Three things scientists don’t know about women farmers and climate change but really should

Ensuring climate solutions work for both women & men farmers should be high priority at Bonn Climate Change Conference
By Ranjitha Puskur,, Karl Deering for DownToEarth on June 8, 2022
Women Climate Resilience Women’s Land Ownership Women Farmers

The link between women’s land ownership and climate resilience

If we want to build climate resilience among rural communities, we need to ensure that women farmers own the land they work on.
By Shilpa Vasavada for India Development Review on April 29, 2022
Women Women Farmers Sustainable Farming Clean Energy

Women building a sustainable future: India’s rural energy pioneers

A UN project, in association with one of India’s leading clean energy companies, is training women salt farmers in the Indian state of Gujarat to work in the solar power industry, and build a better life.
From UN News on February 26, 2022
Women Climate Change Women Farmers Suicide

Climate Change Makes The Hard Life Of India’s Invisible Women Farmers Harder

Death by suicide among women farmers in India is substantially underreported, as the labour of women on farms is often invisible even to their own communities. As global temperatures rise, we report how India’s beleaguered women farmers now battle climate change along with enduring stigmas and harassment.
By Disha Shetty for Article 14 on January 26, 2022
Women Women Farmers Women’s Land Ownership Women’s Land Rights

Dalit Women Wait To Till Their Lands In Gujarat

We were happy — we wouldn’t have to work in others’ fields anymore. We were going to be farmers,” says Daksha Ben Babu Bhai Parmar, a Dalit farmer, recalling how her family had rejoiced at being allotted a 3-acre plot by the Gujarat government in 2006 under the Zameen Santhani scheme.
By Meenakshi Kapoor for BehanBox on September 15, 2021
Women Women Farmers Nutrition Security Food Security

How Women Farmers In Eastern India Are Supporting Families By Cultivating Nutrition Gardens

In Odisha's Mayurbhanj, when tribal families lost jobs and access to the forests during the pandemic and the lockdowns, many of them faced hunger and poverty. Since May 2020, women farmers have been cultivating 'nutrition gardens' in their front and back yards, providing food and income security
By Abhijit Mohanty for IndiaSpend on September 1, 2021
Women Women Farmers Income Loss Job Loss

Women Farmers Are Losing Jobs, Earnings, Savings Even As Agriculture Booms

The reverse migration sparked by the 2020 lockdown led to a drop in the demand for women farm workers who have few other job opportunities in villages
By Shreya Raman, Geeta Devi for IndiaSpend on September 10, 2021