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More Sundarbans COVID-19 Vulnerability

COVID-19 worsened matters in Sundarbans: UN report

The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction study says double burden of disease and cyclone disrupted education and reinforced vulnerabilities faced by children and women
By Shiv Sahay Singh for The Hindu on June 18, 2022
Children Access to Education Educational Inaccessibility Learning Loss

Less than 20% of students in India could access education in pandemic, learning suffered

In their book 'Covid 19 pandemic, Public Policy, and Institutions in India', Saswati Paik and Roshan M Samueltalk about the psycho-social effect of the pandemic on children.
By Saswati Paik, Roshan M Samueltalk for ThePrint on May 30, 2022
Economy Economic Inequality Wealth Distribution Labour Market

How the Pandemic Sharpens Inequalities

Since the start of the pandemic, the world’s 10 richest billionaires have grown richer while 99 per cent of the global population has seen income cuts.
By Nicola Countouris for Green European Journal on February 15, 2022
Environment Rivers Disaster Mitigation

It’s not just climate: are we ignoring other causes of disasters?

A growing number of scientists are cautioning that blaming disasters solely on climate overlooks the poor policy and planning decisions that make these events much worse.
By Fred Pearce for Grist on February 19, 2022
Environment Climate Disasters Deaths Humanitarian Crisis

'Since pandemic, climate-related disasters hit 139mn people globally'

The report highlighted the need of addressing both crises simultaneously as the Covid-19 pandemic has affected livelihoods across the world and has made communities more vulnerable to climate risks
From National Herald on September 17, 2021
Women Vulnerability Climate Change Climate Change Impact

Women May Be More Vulnerable To Climate Change But Data Absent

men are more likely to observe the impact of climate change on their lives, and are more vulnerable to such impacts, anecdotal evidence has shown. Yet, there are no reliable data to measure women’s role and engagement in climate change adaptation.
By Namratha Rao, Anita Raj for IndiaSpend on July 1, 2019
Justice Policing Marginalized Populations Vulnerability

Why a tougher excise law in Madhya Pradesh is set up for misuse

Aditi Pradhan, Avaneendra Khare write: Given the casteist and classist nature of policing, it is clear that increasing the penalty would render oppressed communities more vulnerable.
By Aditi Pradhan, Avaneendra Khare for The Indian Express on September 9, 2021
Environment Climate Change Climate Change Impact Vulnerability

100 Districts In India Most Vulnerable To Climate Change: Study

The study was carried out by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore along with IIT Mandi and IIT Guwahati and supported by the Department of Science and Technology.
From NDTV on September 3, 2021
Environment South Asia Extreme Weather Events UNICEF

India among 4 South Asian nations at extremely high risk of climate crisis impacts: UNICEF

A UNICEF report has placed India among 33 high-risk countries where environmental shocks like flooding and air pollution are causing adverse consequences for women and children.
From ThePrint on August 21, 2021
Environment Extreme Weather Events Climate Change Migrant Workers

Extreme weather events linked to climate change increase vulnerabilities of migrant workers in Indian cities: Study

Lack of jobs back home and a rise in extreme weather events, such as the recent heavy rainfall in Mumbai, is leaving migrant workers vulnerable in metropolises.
By Shivani Gupta for Gaon Connection on July 20, 2021