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Women Sundarbans Human Trafficking Cyclones

Ground report: How cyclones Amphan & Yaas pushed girls from the Sundarbans into trafficking

Cyclone-battered South 24 Paraganas is one of country's poorest districts & hunting ground for traffickers
By Taran Deol for DownToEarth on June 21, 2022
Environment Mangrove Sundarbans Cyclones

Recording mangrove damage from cyclones in the Sundarbans

In two separate studies, scientists have harnessed satellite images to capture changes in the Sundarbans mangroves and the shores that harbour them, following cyclones.
By Sahana Ghosh for Mongabay on June 27, 2022
More Sundarbans COVID-19 Vulnerability

COVID-19 worsened matters in Sundarbans: UN report

The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction study says double burden of disease and cyclone disrupted education and reinforced vulnerabilities faced by children and women
By Shiv Sahay Singh for The Hindu on June 18, 2022
Women Climate Mitigation Women Leaders Water Management

Facing Disastrous Floods, They Turned to Mangrove Trees for Protection

In the Sundarbans, an ecological treasure straddling India and Bangladesh that is now on the front lines of climate change, local women are leading an effort to mitigate the dangers of rising waters.
By Suhasini Raj for The New York Times on April 10, 2022
Women Climate Change COVID-19 Prostitution

Covid and climate change push many older women into prostitution in Sundarbans

In the swamplands of the Sundarbans, where steady erosion has robbed thousands of people of their homes and livelihoods, Covid has combined with climate change to wrought another dimension of grimness – older women, some even grandmothers, being pushed into prostitution.
From Devdiscourse on April 10, 2022
Children Climate Disasters Child Abuse COVID-19

Time to Reclaim the Lost Innocence of Sunderbans’ Children

Climate disasters, Covid lockdown, lead to increase in trafficking and child marriage
By Sreya Deb for The Citizen on April 10, 2022
Children Sundarbans Climate Change Sex Trafficking

In the Sundarban, climate change has an unlikely effect — on child sex-trafficking

A survivor of sex trafficking who became pregnant during roughly two years at a brothel, Afza was eventually found by police in 2015 and reintegrated into her family without her baby. She was only 13 years old when she left her two-month-old son at a child care home. She was married off a few months later.
By Ritwika Mitra for The Fuller Project on January 20, 2022
Women Water Salinity Inaccessibility to Healthcare Women's Health

‘I didn’t want others to know I had miscarried’

Their river water is more saline, the summers hotter, and accessible public healthcare is a distant dream. These factors together have trapped women in a maze of health problems in the Sundarbans
Women Coastal Communities Sundarbans Climate Resilience

In Bangladesh, women from coastal communities are planting mangroves to save the Sundarbans

As climate change makes storms more powerful and pushes saltwater further inland, the role of the mangrove forest as a storm shield has become more crucial.
By Inzamamul Haque for The Third Pole on March 8, 2022
Environment Climate Crisis Sundarbans Ecosystems Degradation

‘We live and die by it’: climate crisis threatens Bangladesh’s Sundarbans

Villagers rely more on the forest’s resources, threatening its ecosystem – and leaving them more vulnerable to cyclones
By Kaamil Ahmed for The Guardian on January 18, 2022