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Equality Mobile Gender Gap Mobile Access Mobile Ownership

The Mobile Gender Gap Report 2022

The GSMA Mobile Gender Gap Report documents the mobile gender gap at regional and country levels, drawing attention to this important issue and providing key evidence to inform action. In this fifth edition of the series, we consider how women’s mobile access and use is changing in LMICs and how efforts to reach women with mobile should be targeted. This work is particularly crucial in the ongoing pandemic and economic recovery, as it will help to ensure that gains in gender equality are not lost and that existing inequalities are not exacerbated.
Report from GSMA, published 2022
Women Women with Disability Digital Exclusion Mobile Phone Ownership

The Digital Exclusion of Women with Disabilities A Study of Seven Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Report from GSMA, published 2020
Children Education Girl Child COVID-19 Impact

Life in the time of Covid-19: Mapping the impact of Covid-19 on the lives of school-going children especially girls in India

Children Education Learning Loss School Closure

Locked Out: Emergency Report on School Education

Report from Road Scholarz, published 2021
More Mobile Phone Internet Connectivity Affordability

Connected Society, The State of Mobile Internet Connectivity 2021

Report from GSMA, published 2021
Women Mobile Gender Gap Mobile Internet Use Digital Empowerment

Connected Women, The Mobile Gender Gap Report 2021

Report from GSMA, published 2021
Rural School Closure Education Education System

Annual Status of Education Report (Rural) 2020 - Wave 1

Report from ASER Centre, published 2021
Equality Access to Internet Gender Inequality Mobile Ownership

Connected Women: The Mobile Gender Gap Report 2020

Report from GSMA, published 2020
Rural Small-Scale Farmers Insurance Agricultural Sector

Picture-based Crop Insurance: Using Farmers’ Smartphone Pictures to Reduce Basis Risk and Costs of Loss Verification

Rural Small-Scale Farmers Climate Change Insurance

Potential Impacts and Demand for Picture-Based Crop Insurance Qualitative Research Findings from Haryana State, India