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Health Health Impacts Toxic Chemicals Sexual and Reproductive Health

Here’s How Chemical BPA in Food Packages Is Harming Your Health

BPA chemical exposure has shown to be linked with negative effects in our bodies from plastics and canned foods
By Tracey Woodruff for The Quint on June 21, 2022
Health Perinatal Health Pregnant Women Women's Health

Newborns to entreprenuers—Indian hospitals need a perinatal service package. It’s a win-win

Many Indian hospitals don't have in-house physiotherapists or dieticians & most new mothers pay little attention to themselves. But there's a solution.
From ThePrint on May 17, 2022
Women Pregnant Women Banks Exclusion

Many Banks in India Are Denying Work to Pregnant Women, Perpetuating Gender Exclusion

The Indian Bank’s hiring guidelines audaciously refuse to hire pregnant women who have crossed the 12-week mark.
By Saumya Kalia for The Swaddle on June 21, 2022
Health Extreme Heat Health Impacts Child Health

Extreme heat poses significant and growing health risk to babies and children, study shows

When Aaron Bernstein became a pediatrician roughly 25 years ago, it didn't occur to him that the climate crisis would grow into a critical health problem for his young patients.
By Rachel Ramirez for CNN on June 15, 2022
Justice Abortion Rights Bodily Autonomy Pregnant Women

Abortion Laws In India: Do Pregnant People Have Agency Over Their Own Bodies?

At present, there are 73 countries that grant abortion at the pregnant person’s request, and India is not one of them.
By Stephy Stephen for Feminism In India on May 24, 2022
Environment Heat Wave Climate Change Maternal and Child Health

Indian heatwaves threaten maternal and baby health

Soaring temperatures can lead to more preterm and stillbirths. But experts say awareness of the risk of heat during pregnancy is low, with more research needed into impacts on the world's most vulnerable women.
By Catherine Davison for Deutsche Welle (DW) on June 1, 2022
Women Air Pollution Sexual and Reproductive Health Health Impacts

Air pollution is worsening reproductive health outcomes for women

As much as 99% of the world population breathes in air with pollution levels higher than the World Health Organization’s permissible limits. The majority of the world’s most polluted cities are in South Asia.
By Disha Shetty for The Fuller Project on April 3, 2022
Health Private Health Facilities Health Necessity Pregnant Women

Costly private health care more a necessity than a choice for poor, pregnant migrant women

Nasreen and Minara (names changed) are both five months pregnant. The two women live in Bengaluru’s Kundalahalli slum colony with other migrant workers from West Bengal. Nasreen moved to the city around seven years ago.
By Nihira for Citizen Matters on March 21, 2022
Women Rising Temperature Health Impacts Pregnancy

Rising temperatures put women and girls in danger. Pregnancy drives risk even higher.

Women and girls face unique risks as the climate crisis deepens, according to a new UN report.
From Business Insider on March 5, 2022
More Formula Milk Companies Pregnant Women Violation

More than half of parents and pregnant women exposed to aggressive formula milk marketing

New report details exploitative practices employed by $55 billion formula industry, compromising child nutrition, violating international commitments
From UNICEF on February 22, 2022