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Equality Disaster Management Persons With Disability Good Practices

Disability Inclusion in Disaster Risk Management Operations: an Exploration of Good Practices and Resources

This note aims to update good practices of disaster risk management that is inclusive of the needs of persons with disabilities in the five key areas outlined by the report. This note recognizes these needs in the context of rapidly evolving multiple crises, especially punctuated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The intersection of poverty and disability, along with other sources of marginalization, can play a significant role in undermining a person’s resilience to disasters.
Report from UNDRR, published 2022
Environment Tobacco Industry Tobacco Production Environmental Destruction

Tobacco and its environmental impact: an overview

This overview assembles existing evidence on the ways in which tobacco affects human well-being from an environmental perspective – i.e. the indirect social and economic damage caused by the cultivation, production, distribution, consumption, and waste generated by tobacco products.
Report from World Health Organization, published 2017
Economy Poverty Developing Countries Cost of Living Crisis

Addressing the cost-of-living crisis in developing countries: Poverty and vulnerability projections and policy responses

his paper estimates the potential effects of food and energy inflation on global poverty and vulnerability and simulates the welfare loss mitigation potential of two policy options: blanket energy subsidies and targeted cash transfers.
Report from UNDP, published 2022
Justice Poverty Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) Domestic Violence

The Choice: Violence or Poverty

The data that is published here for the frst time reveals both the shocking extent of domestic violence suffered by women who are now single mothers, and outlines in grim detail the economic, health and other consequences of the choice these women made to leave the violence
Report from Paul Ramsay Foundation, published 2022
Children Child Marriage Marriage Registration Birth Registration

Child marriage in India

Report from Plan International, published 2013
More Refugees Humanitarian Aid Hosting Countries

Global Compact on Refugees: Indicator Report

Report from UNHCR, published 2021
Economy Poverty Refugees Poverty Rates

Estimating Poverty among Refugee Populations A Cross-Survey Imputation Exercise for Chad

Report from The World Bank, published 2020
Children Education Refugee Children Out of School Children

Hear it from the Teachers

Report from Save The Children, published 2018
Children Child Migrants Forcibly Displaced Persons Vulnerability

Vulnerabilities of migrant and forcibly displaced children

Report from IOM, published 2019
Children Conflicts Communal Violence Discrimination

Lives on Hold: Making sure no child is left behind in Myanmar

Report from UNICEF, published 2017