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Children School Closure Learning Loss Education

Reigniting Opportunities for Children in South Asia

Report from UNICEF, published 2021
More Education School Closure Learning Gap

Where are we on Education Recovery?

Report from UNICEF, published 2022
Children Foundational Skills Education Learning Crisis

Are Children Really Learning? Exploring foundational skills in the midst of a learning crisis

Report from UNICEF, published 2022
More Education COVID-19 Right to Education

Problems with education around the world during Covid-19

Report from Human Rights Watch, published 2021
Environment Disaster Risk Asia Pacific Disaster Risk Reduction

The Disaster Riskscape Across Asia-Pacific

Report from UNESCAP, published 2019
More Education Environmental Education Sustainable Development

Education for people and planet: creating sustainable futures for all

Report from UNESCO, published 2016
More Forcibly Displaced Persons Recession COVID-19

Highly vulnerable yet largely invisible: Forcibly displaced in the COVID-19-induced recession

Report from Joint Data Center on Forced Displacement, published 2020
Children COVID-19 Child Health COVID-19 Impact

Preventing a Lost Decade

Report from UNICEF, published 2021
Equality COVID-19 Impact Marginalized Populations Civil Society Organisations

An Unequal Pandemic, Insights and Evidence from Communities and Civil Society Organisations

Report from iDMC, published 2021
Children Young People Refugees Education

Staying The Course: The Challenges Facing Refugee Education

Report from UNHCR, published 2021