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Children Child Internet User Access to Internet Screen Time

Growing up in a connected world

The report shows that children who participate in more online activities tend to have better digital skills compared to those who engage in fewer activities. This means that parents should facilitate rather than hinder children’s internet use, by helping them discover new exciting things to do online that will enable learning and personal development. But the results also show that children who participate in more online activities tend to experience more risks as a result.
Report from UNICEF, published 2019
Children Internet Use Child Internet User Digital Skills

Global Kids Online: Comparative report

With more children around the world going online every day, it is more important than ever to clarify how the internet can advance children’s opportunities in life while safeguarding them from harm or abuse. This requires evidence, from children themselves, that represents the diversity of children’s experiences at the national and global level.
Report from UNICEF, published 2019
More Youth Information and Communication Technology Internet Use

Patterns of Internet Usage Among Youths in India

Women Women with Disability Digital Exclusion Mobile Phone Ownership

The Digital Exclusion of Women with Disabilities A Study of Seven Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Report from GSMA, published 2020
Children Social Media Internet Penetration Child Protection

Our Lives Online: Use of social media by children and adolescents in East Asia - opportunities, risks and harms

Report from UNICEF, published 2020
Children Child Rights Internet Adolescents

Online Safety and Internet Addiction, A Study Conducted Amongst Adolescents in Delhi-NCR

Report from CRY, published 2020
Equality Digital Development Internet Penetration Mobile Broadband Connections

Measuring digital development, Facts and figures 2021

Report from ITU, published 2021
Equality COVID-19 Impact Digital India Access to Services

Access to services during COVID-19 in “Digital India”

Report from LIRNEasia, ICRIER, published 2021
Equality Children with Disabilities Child Well-being Data

Seen, Counted, Included: Using data to shed light on the well-being of children with disabilities

Report from UNICEF, published 2021
Women Digital Literacy Gender Digital Divide Access to Internet

Gender and Technology: A Rights-based and Intersectional Analysis of Key Trends

Report from Oxfam, published 2021