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Health Conflict Hospitals Attacks on Hospitals

We Must End Attacks on Hospitals in Conflict Zones

International laws meant to shield hospitals and health workers from belligerents are rarely, if ever, enforced.
By Brian Elmore for undark on June 23, 2022
Health Violence Healthcare Workers Conflict Zones

‘Global crisis’ of violence: 161 healthcare workers were killed last year, study finds

Report by SHCC catalogues more than 180 incidents of attacks on hospitals with 320 health workers wounded in 49 conflict zones
By Nicola Kelly for The Guardian on May 24, 2022
Equality Gender Pay Gap Healthcare Workers Female Health Worker

Gender pay gap in India’s health workforce

Despite constituting almost half of the qualified health workforce in India, female health workers face a visible gender pay gap and lack of conducive work conditions.
By Arushi Pandey for Ideas for India on June 9, 2021
Health Primary health centres (PHCs) Healthcare Workers Healthcare Systems

Do Indian PHCs really have too many doctors?

The recent Rural Health Statistics report finds a surplus of doctors in primary health centres. But these numbers don’t account for the problem of doctor absenteeism.
By Banjot Kaur for India Development Review on June 2, 2022
More Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) Healthcare Workers World Health Organization (WHO)

Explained: Who are ASHA workers, the women healthcare volunteers honoured by WHO?

The WHO has recognised India's 10.4 lakh ASHA workers as 'Global Health Leaders'. Who are ASHA workers, and what do they do? How did the ASHA network help in pandemic response?
By Anonna Dutt for The Indian Express on May 24, 2022
Justice Anganwadi Workers (AWWs) Social Security Public Health

Anganwadi Workers and Helpers are Entitled to Basic Social Security: SC

The public health infrastructure rests on the shoulders of thousands of women who impart care labor without access to any social security net.
By Saumya Kalia for The Swaddle on April 27, 2022
Justice Doctors Violence Law

India's Doctors Are Still Facing Violence. So Where Are the Laws to Protect Them?

The Indian government introduced an ordinance in 2020 that amended the Epidemic Diseases Act, but the changes will lapse once the pandemic ends.
By Banjot Kaur for The Wire on April 18, 2022
More Migrants Healthcare Workers Europe

Migrants and Health Workers Play Complex ‘Game’ on Europe’s Fringes

Responding to several shouts Viraj emerges from the ruins of his shelter in northwest Bosnia. He is originally from India but is now squatting near Bihać in what remains of a house abandoned since the 1990s Balkans war.
By Sara Perria for Inter Press Service on April 19, 2022
Women Women's Safety Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) Domestic Violence

Health Workers Can Be Critical In The Campaign Against Domestic Violence

It is a late December morning and under the shade of a Neem tree, 30 ASHA workers (Accredited Social Health Activists) are learning to detect signs of spousal abuse.
By Swagata Yadavar for BehanBox on March 29, 2022
Health Healthcare Workers Healthcare Dropout

Unless We Future-Proof Healthcare, Study Shows That By 2025, 75% Of Healthcare Workers Will Leave The Profession

We believe doctors and healthcare professionals aren't supposed to leave medicine, as it's a calling and profession for life.
By Jack Kelly for Forbes on March 15, 2022