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Women Women Entrepreneurship Under-Funding Gender Budget

India ranks among the lowest in the world in women’s entrepreneurship

A lack of access to funds is one of the biggest hurdles Indian women face in pursuing entrepreneurship.
By Mimansa Verma for Quartz on June 22, 2022
Equality Gender Budget Gender Inequality Domestic Violence

What About Women? Budget 2021 Ignores Gender Gap Widened by COVID

High levels of domestic violence faced by women during the pandemic was a persistent area of gender inequality.
By Amita PitreView for The Quint on February 2, 2021
Economy Gender Budget Gender Equality Government Expenditure

India's gender budget yet to shift from policy to on-ground priorities

Budget 2021-22 clubs various key schemes without providing specific allocations, the funding is cornered by a few ministries, and the government has not been able to leverage the potential of a gender-responsive budget as a tool for inclusive economic growth
By Divya J Shekhar for Forbes on February 3, 2021
Women Inclusive Development Gender Inequality Gender Budget

Budget 2021: No Lessons Learnt From the Disproportionate Impact of the Pandemic on Women?

With seemingly no attempt to address the disparities related to women's livelihood, education and nutrition, the Centre's endeavour towards economic recovery might not be inclusive.
By Shagufta Gupta, Shalu Bindal for The Wire on February 18, 2021
Women Nirbhaya Fund Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) Gender Budget

Nirbhaya Fund: Where did millions set aside after Delhi gang rape go?

In 2013 - the year after the Delhi gang rape - India launched the ambitious $113m Nirbhaya Fund, vowing to reduce violence against women. Hundreds of millions of dollars followed since but a major new report by the charity Oxfam India finds that the fund has not done its job.
By Aparna Alluri, Shadab Nazmi for BBC on February 9, 2021
Economy Gender Budget Gender Inequality Mobile Phone Use

Decoding India's First COVID-19 Gender Budget

Last year, in response to the pandemic, India allocated 6% of its Union Budget outlay to schemes benefitting women; in Union Budget 2021-22, the Gender Budget outlay has been cut by 26%.
By Mitali Nikore, Tanvi Mahant for IndiaSpend on February 5, 2021