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Rural Farmer's Suicide Debt Farmer Distress

88% of Over 9,000 Punjab Farmers Who Died by Suicide in 18 Years Were Debt-Ridden: Study

The Panjab Agriculture University study examined deaths by suicide among farmers between 2000 and 2018 in six districts of the state.
By Vivek Gupta for The Wire on June 21, 2022
Rural Farmer's Suicide Farmer Distress Inadequate Water Access

Rising Farmer Suicides Leaves Families Adrift as Vidarbha Grapples With Multiple Crises

The crisis is well known and has been written about for decades now. Government intervention has taken place but little has changed.
By Deepanshu Mohan, Jignesh Mistry for The Wire on May 28, 2022
Rural Farmer's Suicide Farmer Distress Agricultural Workers

The country where 30 farmers die each day

Gazing across the pristine fields in the district of Sangrur in northern India, there was little indication families here were struggling.
By Gunisha Kaur for CNN on March 17, 2022
Rural Farmer's Suicide Farm Crisis Debt

Suicide by a young farmer in Khargone shines a spotlight on the farming crisis

Debts, poor rainfall and a failing crop was more than what farmer Jitendra Patidar, from Pandhaniya village in Madhya Pradesh, could face and he died by suicide. Other farmers in the region warn of the drought that looms large over the region.
By Shyam Dangi for Gaon Connection on September 16, 2021
Women Women Farmers Debt Suicide

As debt grows, more Indian women farmers taking their lives

A vicious debt cycle is forcing women in Maharashtra state’s Amravati to take their lives as agrarian crisis persists.
By Kunal Purohit for Al Jaazera on November 5, 2019
Rural Debt Agrarian Crisis Suicide

Low earnings, debt traps driving suicide rate among Punjab's farm labourers: Study

A study by the Ludhiana-based Punjab Agricultural University has said the agrarian crisis in the State has pushed the farm labourers towards low earnings and debt traps and has led them towards death by suicide. The study reveals that 7,303 labourers died by suicide during 2000–18.
From The Hindu on March 29, 2021
Rural Farmer Distress Suicide Debt

Explained: Why is there a high rate of farmer suicides in Punjab’s Malwa?

Punjab government’s data states that 3,330 farmers have taken their lives due to farm debt since 2000 till date, of which 698 committed suicide in the past four years, most of them in the Malwa region.
By Anju Agnihotri Chaba for The Indian Express on October 1, 2019
Rural Farmer Distress Farmer's Suicide Data

Indian farmers need a new distress index. Just suicide data won’t do

Despite the centrality of agriculture in India, there is no standard measure of farmers’ distress. The most commonly cited measure is the number of suicides.
By Shweta Saini, Pulkit Khatri for ThePrint on June 15, 2021
Justice Dalit Farmer's Suicide

Outrage in India over Dalit farmers' suicide attempt after police beating

The couple drank pesticide after the eviction and were rushed to a hospital