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More Refugees Asylum Seekers Refugee Protection

Global Report 2020

Report from UNHCR, published 2020
Children Child Migrants Forcibly Displaced Persons Vulnerability

Vulnerabilities of migrant and forcibly displaced children

Report from IOM, published 2019
Children Rohingya Refugees Refugee Children Rohingya Children

No Safe Haven: The plight of Rohingya children across Asia

Report from Save The Children, published 2021
Children Conflicts Communal Violence Discrimination

Lives on Hold: Making sure no child is left behind in Myanmar

Report from UNICEF, published 2017
Environment Climate Change Migrant Workers Extreme Weather Events

Climate change, migration and vulnerability to trafficking

Report from IIED, published 2022
Women Exploitation Sexual Exploitation Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG)

Ending Online Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of Women and Girls: A Call for International Standards

Report from Equality Now, published 2021
Environment Climate Change Mitigation Forest Climate Security

Climate change mitigation in forests: Lessons for climate security

Report from CGIAR FOCUS Climate Security, published 2021
Equality Rehabilitation Survivors Human Trafficking

Freedom Communities, Community based Rehabilitation Programmes with Survivors of Human Trafficking, An Exploratory Analyses

Report from Sanjog, published 2021
Women COVID-19 Impact Women Migrant Workers Precarity

Where is my home? Gendered precarity and the experience of COVID-19 among women migrant workers from Delhi and National Capital Region, India

Report from Gender, Work & Organization, published 2021
Women Gender Inequality Women's Health Tobacco Consumption

Protecting women and girls from tobacco and alcohol promotion

Report from BMJ Open, published 2021