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Environment Plastic Waste Plastic Pollution Microplastics

Plastic Pollution Will Kill All of Us!

With over 165 million tonnes of plastic waste found in the ocean these days, it makes us wonder if Willy would truly feel safe in our plastic-filled waters.
Children Over-consumption Environmental Degradation Toxic Pollutants

Over-consumption in the world’s richest countries is destroying children’s environments globally, new report says

The world’s richest countries – including Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands and Norway – are providing healthier environments for children within their borders, yet are disproportionately contributing to the destruction of the global environment
From UNICEF on May 23, 2022
Environment Recycling Plastic Waste Environmental Degradation

Families urged to reuse or recycle school uniform to save cash and cut down on 350 tonnes of plastic ending up in landfill every year

School uniforms can be a big expense for many parents and the high plastic content is bad for the environment when they get thrown out. But a project in Leeds is trying to fix this problem.
By Frazer Maude for Sky news on June 12, 2022
More Ship Recycling Ship-breaking Occupational Hazard

South Asia’s hazardous ship recycling industry must transition to a more sustainable future

Ship-breaking is a risky sector that introduces workers to occupational risks and the environment to a high variety of pollutants.
By Afsana Rubaiyat for on June 7, 2022
Environment Plastic Waste Microplastics Waste Management

Garbage with Asian Labels Contaminates Galapagos Islands

Every year, tons of plastic waste wash up on the beaches of Galapagos, although ships are prohibited from dumping plastics at sea. Researchers estimate that 30% of the garbage comes from Chinese fishing fleets.
Environment Tree Plantation Economic Impacts Himachal Pradesh

‘More than half’ of Himachal Pradesh’s expenditure on tree planting wasteful, study finds

Researchers believe findings, published in journal World Development, could be springboard for similar assessments across India. Lead author is officer in state forest department.
By Simrin Sirur for ThePrint on March 27, 2022
Health Mental Health Nature Eco-grief

Worrying About Nature Is Affecting Mental Health. It’s Called Eco-Grief.

The state of the natural world has become a worry – so much so that it’s affecting peoples’ mental health.
By Aathira Perinchery for The Wire on March 14, 2022
Environment Coral Reef Marine Ecosystems Anthropogenic Activities

Degradation, loss of coral reefs can affect 4.5 million people in southeast Asia: IPCC report

Corals occupy only 0.1% of the global sea surfaces; but more than 25% of marine biodiversity is supported by them
By Shuchita Jha for DownToEarth on March 8, 2022
Environment Mercury Pollution Gold Mining Forests

In a biodiversity haven, mining drives highest ever recorded levels of mercury

A recent study has found that forests in the southwestern Peruvian Amazon collect mercury from the atmosphere that’s used in artisanal small-scale gold mining in the Madre de Dios region.
By John C. Cannon for Mongabay on February 28, 2022
Environment Environmental Destruction Ecosystems Degradation Ecocide

We’re Killing the Environment, and There’s a Word for It – Ecocide

Activists are pushing for ecocide to be recognised as an international crime. This, they say, could hold polluters to account and help address climate change.
By Aathira Perinchery for The Wire on February 26, 2022