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Children Education Learning Loss Out of School Children

How much loss have we seen in child education during the pandemic?

PGI-D, a central grading system rating the performance of districts, may help get a sense of the true scale
By Puja Marwaha for DownToEarth on July 22, 2022
Children Education Education Crisis Learning Poverty

COVID created an education crisis that has pushed millions of children into ‘learning poverty’ -report

The pandemic caused the worst shock to global education and learning in recorded history, says an international study.
By Simon Read for World Economic Forum on July 21, 2022
Children Education Learning Loss Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs)

How to get every child’s learning back on track

UNICEF’s latest report suggests that across 32 low and middle-income countries, most children leave primary school lacking essential literacy and numeracy skills.
By Edward Ma for World Economic Forum on July 27, 2022
Children School Closure Education Enrollment In Schools

India’s mass closure of schools is leaving lakhs of students stranded

In many remote areas, students have few options other than single-teacher schools in their villages. These are the very schools the government has targeted.
Children Educational Support Education Adolescents

222 million crisis-hit children currently require educational support

A shocking new UN report released on Tuesday indicates that the number of crisis-impacted school-aged children requiring educational support has grown from an estimated 75 million in 2016, to 222 million today.
From UN News on June 21, 2022
Children Rohingya Refugees Refugee Children Refugee Crisis

Rohingya Refugee Children Face Uncertainty in India

In refugee camps in Jammu, children avoid going out to study or play as they fear being attacked by right-wing groups or detained by police.
By Mehran Bhat for The Diplomat on June 28, 2022
More Education Economic Development Political Leadership

Does a graduate MLA do better than a 12th-pass one? Here’s what UN University study found

Conducted by researcher from a Delhi-based think tank, study funded & released by United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research this month.
By Nikhil Rampal for ThePrint on June 29, 2022
Children Parental Abuse COVID-19 Mental Health

Did the pandemic cause a rise in parental abuse?

Around 24% parents report a rise in scolding or punishment of children since COVID-19, finds a study by Save the Children-Bal Raksha Bharat
From Livemint on June 29, 2022
More National Education Policy Persons With Disability Special Education

How much do we care for special education needs?

NEP 2020 is indeed very positive, on paper. Impediments to positive implementation, however, remain as ground realities are far from ideal
By Shashikala M S for Deccan Herald on June 21, 2022
Children Education Learning Crisis Learning Poverty

70 per cent of 10-year-olds in 'learning poverty', unable to read and understand a simple text

COVID-19 worsens global learning crisis, risking $21 trillion in lifetime earnings
From UNICEF on June 23, 2022