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Children Child Sexual Abuse Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (CSEA) Child Protection

Out of the Shadows: Index 2022

The Out of the Shadows Index (OOSI) benchmarks how 60 countries (home to approximately 85% of the global population of children) are preventing and responding to CSEA.
Report from Economist Impact, published 2022
Children Education Child Marriage Child Protection

The power of education to end child marriage

This publication uses data to illustrate how child marriage and schooling are related, showing the likelihood of child marriage among populations with different levels of education, as well as the educational status of girls who are child brides today.
Report from UNICEF, published 2022
Children Education Out of School Children Access to Education

New estimation confirms out-of-school population is growing in sub-Saharan Africa

It is estimated that 244 million children and youth between the ages of 6 and 18 worldwide were out of school in 2021. The results are based on a new, improved way of measuring, which combines administrative and survey data, following a similar approach to the one applied before in the estimation of flagship health indicators. The estimates confirm that, even before the onset of COVID-19, progress in reducing the out-of-school population had slowed down.
Report from UNESCO, published 2022
More Artificial Intelligence Education Sustainable Development

Artificial intelligence in education: challenges and opportunities for sustainable development

This document gathers examples of how AI has been introduced in education worldwide, particularly in developing countries. It also sows the seeds of debates and discussions in the context of the 2019 Mobile Learning Week and beyond, as part of the multiple ways to accomplish Sustainable Development Goal 4, which targets education.
Report from UNESCO, published 2019
Children Mental Health Mental Well-Being School Children

Mental Health and Well-being of School Students

The present survey was undertaken to explore the perception of students with regard to their mental health. The survey is a bird’s eye view of the perception of students on different aspects related to mental health and well-being. In view of this, the survey provides important leads in the area of mental health and well-being of students that can be the basis for taking up related work in school curriculum, teacher education curriculum, and other areas related to education of children.
Women Sustainable Development Goals Gender Inequality Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG)

Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals: The gender snapshot 2022

“Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals: The gender snapshot 2022” presents the latest evidence on gender equality across all 17 Goals, calling out the long road ahead to achieve gender equality. It emphasizes the interlinkages among the goals, the pivotal force gender equality plays in driving progress across the SDGs, and women and girls’ central role in leading the way forward.
Report from UN Women, published 2022
Women Home Productivity Social Norms Female Labour Force Participation

What Determines Women’s Labor Supply? The Role of Home Productivity and Social Norms

Report from Indian Statistical Institute, published 2020
Equality Southern Africa Poor People Income Inequalities

Inequality in Southern Africa: An Assessment of the Southern African Customs Union

Report from The World Bank, published 2022
Women Female Labour Force Participation Dropout Women's Employment

Dropping Out, Being Pushed Out or Can't Get in? Decoding Declining Labour Force Participation of Indian Women

The stubbornly low and declining level of labor force participation rate (LFPR) of Indian women has prompted a great deal of attention with a focus on factors constraining women's labour supply. Using 12 rounds of a high frequency household panel survey, we demonstrate volatility in Indian women's labour market engagement, as they exit and (re)enter the labor force multiple times over short period for reasons unrelated to marriage, child-birth, or change in household income. We demonstrate how these frequent transitions exacerbate the issue of measurement of female LFPR.
Report from SSRN, published 2021
Children Skill Development Foundational Skills Learning Crisis

Recovering learning: Are children and youth on track in skills development?

The report highlights the need to improve tracking progress in skills development, especially in light of the global priority to recover education in response to COVID-related disruptions.
Report from UNICEF, published 2022