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Children EdTech Children’s Rights Violations Digital Rights

Edtech is treating students like products and violating their digital rights

A recent Human Rights Watch report has exposed children’s rights violations by providers of edtech endorsed by governments in Australia and elsewhere.
Equality EdTech Learning Gap Education

How EdTech Firms Are Capitalizing on the Fear of a ‘Covid Learning Gap’

Some studies show how the use of edtech may exacerbate the unequal impact of school closures on student learning; as more semi-privileged and elite students opt for these parallel models, others will either be pushed into debt or continue to be excluded from the knowledge gap discourse.
By Saumya Kalia for The Swaddle on March 3, 2022
Children Lockdown School Closure Digital Education

School lockdowns in India have robbed a generation of upward mobility

India's edtech market is thriving but millions of children still don't have access to online education. Physical classes must resume or else learning gaps may become impossible to reverse.
By Andy Mukherjee for ThePrint on September 8, 2021
More EdTech Education Digital Education

The future of learning in India is ed-tech

Amitabh Kant writes: The pandemic-induced learning crisis and the Fourth Industrial Revolution have made it necessary to reimagine education and align it with the unprecedented technological transformation.
By Amitabh Kant for The Indian Express on June 30, 2021
Equality EdTech Education Economically Weaker Section

Beating Bharat's edtech blues: When you're poor in the digital education era

On the other side of the billion-dollar edtech boom are children who have been unable to access the most basic forms of online education, and people who have been trying to bridge the digital divide
By Divya J Shekhar for Forbes on April 19, 2021
Children Tribal Communities EdTech Access to Digital Devices

Reaching out to the last child in the learning curve in the pandemic

For the tribal communities, the problem is access to technology both for the students and the teachers. They are overwhelmed by this technology-driven model. We need to find a democratic way to reach out to the last child in the learning curve.
By Prema Rangachary for Gaon Connection on April 26, 2021
More EdTech Education

Is India ready for home schooling?

Concerns over a monotonous, formal education system coupled with edtech's innovative approaches bolster the homeschooling proposition over traditional schooling. But is India ready for it?
By Mansvini Kaushik for Forbes on April 22, 2021
More Teachers EdTech Inadequate Infrastructure

How COVID-19 Exposed The Systemic Neglect Our Teachers Face

Lack of adequate training and resources increased the difficulties severalfold. Most teachers found both the quality and quantity of training and resources provided to be inadequate.
More School Closure Education Digital Education

A Year into the Pandemic, Does India Consider Running Schools an Essential Activity?

India cannot continue to subject its children to psychological trauma, subvert its human capital and sabotage its economy by blocking access to its schools.
By Anjela Taneja for News18 on February 17, 2021
More EdTech COVID-19 Digital Education

What will become of India’s booming ed-tech startups once schools reopen?

The Covid-19 pandemic has set off a golden era for India’s ed-tech startups. But if current trends are anything go by, this party won’t last forever.
By Ananya Bhattacharya for Quartz on February 15, 2021