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Women Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) Online Violence Female Journalists

The Chilling: A global study of online violence against women journalists

This ground-breaking three-year global study on gender-based online violence against women journalists represents collaborative research covering 15 countries. It is the most geographically, linguistically, and ethnically diverse scoping of the crisis conducted up until late 2022. T
Report from UNESCO, International Center for Journalists, published 2022
Equality Media Houses Marginalised Communities Discrimination

Who Tells Our Stories Matters: Representation of Marginalised Caste Groups in Indian Media

This study is an attempt to find out the status of representation among SC, ST, OBC & DNT in different media outlets. The research team has explored the challenges faced by newsrooms, looked for existing best practices that different countries have adopted and also provided suggestions to make newsrooms more inclusive.
Report from Newslaundry, Oxfam India, published 2022
Women Young Women Financial Crisis Economic Inequality

′Just Getting By′: Young Women′s Trust Annual Survey 2022

This annual survey of over 4,000 young women, over 1,000 young men and over 900 HR decision makers reveals the extent of the financial difficulties young women are facing in 2022 as they come out of a pandemic and into a cost of living crisis.
Report from Young Women's Trust, published 2022
Equality Discrimination Caste Based Discrimination Gender Based Discrimination

India Discrimination Report 2022

The overall conclusion emerging from the India Discrimination Report 2022 is that while there has been a decline in discrimination within the labour market in India over a decadal timeframe, this is characterised by high gender inequity so much so that the probability of a woman being employed in decent jobs has no bearing on her endowments.
Report from Oxfam India, published 2022
Women Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) Women with Disability Marginalised Women

Count me IN!: Research report on violence against disabled, lesbian, and sex-working women in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal

Report from Taylor & Francis Group, published 2012
Women Women with Disability Digital Exclusion Mobile Phone Ownership

The Digital Exclusion of Women with Disabilities A Study of Seven Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Report from GSMA, published 2020
Women Sex Workers Sex Work Rights of Sex Workers

Status of Women in Sex Work in India

Report from National Network of Sex Workers (NNSW), published 2014
Health Migrant's Health Health of Refugee Health Outcomes

World report on the health of refugees and migrants

Worldwide, more people are on the move now than ever before, yet many refugees and migrants face poorer health outcomes than the host populations. Addressing their health needs is, therefore, a global health priority and integral to the principle of the right to health for all. The key is to strengthen and maintain health systems by ensuring that they are refugee- and migrant-sensitive and inclusive. Health outcomes are influenced by a whole host of determinants. However, refugees and migrants face additional determinants such as precarious legal status; discrimination; social, cultural, linguistic, administrative and financial barriers; lack of information about health entitlements; low health literacy; and fear of detention and deportation. This groundbreaking publication outlines current and future opportunities and challenges and provides several strategies to improve the health and well-being of refugees and migrants. It is an advocacy tool for national and international policy-makers involved in health and migration. Evidence on the health of refugees and migrants remains fragmented – comparable data across countries and over time are urgently needed to track progress towards the health-related United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. With only 8 years until the 2030 target date to transform our world, the time to act is now.
Report from World Health Organization, published 2022
More Hunger Food Consumption Access to Food

Hunger Watch

Women Female Journalists Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) Online Violence

The Chilling: global trends in online violence against women journalists

Report from UNESCO, published 2021