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Economy Debt Borrowing Public Spending

What does ‘global debt’ mean and how high is it now?

Global debt passed $300 trillion in 2021, the Institute of International Finance says.
Rural Farmer's Suicide Debt Farmer Distress

88% of Over 9,000 Punjab Farmers Who Died by Suicide in 18 Years Were Debt-Ridden: Study

The Panjab Agriculture University study examined deaths by suicide among farmers between 2000 and 2018 in six districts of the state.
By Vivek Gupta for The Wire on June 21, 2022
Economy Poor Countries Public Spending Debt

Poor countries forced to cut public spending to pay debts, campaigners say

Debt Justice calls on UK to use power to make private lenders take part in effective relief scheme
By Larry Elliott for The Guardian on June 12, 2022
Economy Debt Food Insecurity Food Inflation

Pay debt or feed people is hungry nations’ impossible choice

Food prices have skyrocketed by more than 30 per cent over the past year, according to a United Nations measure
Economy Debt Pandemic Poor Countries

Poor countries and their debt burdens

Well before the pandemic, developing countries had experienced multiple waves of debt accumulation in the era of globalisation
By C P Chandrasekhar for Deccan Herald on May 29, 2022
More Conflict Food Crisis Debt

Population and Development Commission: ‘Perfect Storm’ of crises take shape

Against the backdrop of shifting population demographics, conflicts, post-pandemic shocks and climate change, the developing world is on the brink of a “perfect storm” of debt, food and energy crises, experts warned the Commission on Population and Development on Monday.
From UN News on April 25, 2022
Economy Caste Wealth Inequality Economic Inequality

What Does the Caste Wealth Gap Look Like in India?

A recent research paper examining consumption expenditure and landholdings in Uttar Pradesh sheds new light.
By Kaushal Shroff for The Wire on May 2, 2022
Economy Private Schools Inflation Education

India’s Private School Aspiration Increasingly Out of Reach as Inflation Bites

While inflation is putting the heaviest burden on the poorest, the relatively well-off are coming under the sort of pressure to make cuts in household budgets not seen in years.
By Manoj Kumar for The Wire on May 3, 2022
Economy Debt Financial Crisis Developing Countries

High Cost of Debt is Crippling Developing Nations: How can we Bridge the Finance Divide?

As the world is rocked by a confluence of crises, the global economic outlook for 2022 is becoming ever more uncertain and fragile. Prospects for sustainable development for all and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 are bleak, particularly for developing countries.
By Navid Hanif for Inter Press Service on April 18, 2022
Women Construction Workers Underpaid Women Workers Over Worked

India’s invisible female construction workers: underpaid and overworked

As International Women's Day draws the world's eyes to injustice, workers in India's second largest industry toil unnoticed
By Taniya Dutta for The National on March 8, 2022