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Equality Discrimination Residential Segregation Religious Minorities

Muslims & Dalits Face The Worst Residential Segregation & Discrimination In Urban Cities, Study Confirms

A recent study, based on quantitative analysis and qualitative fieldwork, finds Muslims and Dalits are facing the worst residential segregation in Indian cities, relegating them to spaces with poor public services like piped water and sewage.
By Betwa Sharma for Article 14 on May 24, 2022
Children Child Marriage Girl Child Female Foeticide

How Caste Pride Is Driving The Spate Of Child Marriages In TN

Usha comes from a conservative south Tamil Nadu district where a girl child is treated as a liability and female foeticide is common.
By Shalin Maria Lawrence for BehanBox on June 15, 2022
Women Access to Justice Sexual Violence Dalit Women

India: Why justice eludes many Dalit survivors of sexual violence

While official data shows spike in sexual crimes against oppressed caste women, report says access to justice is limited, especially in rural areas.
By Akanksha Singh for Al Jaazera on June 8, 2022
Justice Sexual Violence Sexual Assault Survivors Dalit

Dalit Survivors Of Sexual Violence Deal With Blocks To Justice At Every Step

It can take anywhere between half a day to three months for Dalit survivors of sexual violence – or the families of victims – to get a first information report (FIR) registered with the police, as per a recent joint report of two collectives, the National Council of Women Leaders (NCWL) and the Dalit Human Rights Defenders Network (DHRDN).
By Eisha Hussain for BehanBox on May 12, 2022
More Sanitation Workers Privacy Violation Dalit

In India, Digital Snooping on Sanitation Workers

Lower-caste cleaners must wear GPS-enabled smartwatches, raising questions about their privacy and data protection.
By Qadri Inzamam, Haziq Qadri for undark on May 2, 2022
Equality Food Security Dalit Discrimination

Is India’s food security scheme discriminating against Dalits?

Dalit activists say the government’s Public Distribution System of food grains often excludes the marginalised community.
By Srishti Jaswal for Al Jaazera on April 27, 2022
Equality Caste Atrocities Dalit Class Divide

Dalit Christians - Why Do They Remain At the End of the Stick 75 Years After Independence?”

Continuing atrocities against Dalit Christians
By Blessy Mathew Prasad for The Citizen on May 3, 2022
Equality Domestic Work Caste Domestic Workers

Caste And Gender In Paid Domestic Work In India

The issue of paid domestic work and how it has been performed by oppressed caste women hardly comes up in mainstream feminist discourses.
By Deepika Singh for Feminism In India on May 3, 2022
Rural Rehabilitation Dalit Landless Farmers

Why Disaster Rehab Must Focus On Landless Dalit Farmers

It has been 11 months since Cyclone Gaja devastated the coastal districts of Tamil Nadu. Rehabilitation programmes worth Rs 1,164 crore (around $161 million) are being unpacked across the state’s several affected districts.
By Mahima Jain for IndiaSpend on October 12, 2019
Health Mortality Disaggregated Data Health Inequalities

‘India needs to monitor mortality disaggregated by social groups to understand health disparities’

There needs to be data that links social groups to different behaviours and risk factors to mortality, says Sangita Vyas
By Taran Deol for DownToEarth on April 22, 2022