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More Human Development Index Climate Change Human Development

Human Development Report

Report from UNDP, published 2022
Environment Hunger Climate Crisis Extreme Weather Events

Hunger in a Heating World: How the Climate Crisis is Fuelling Hunger in An Already Hungry World

This brief focuses on how climate change acts as a threat multiplier, worsening the existing risks and vulnerabilities to hunger for already disadvantaged people, particularly women, agricultural workers, and small-scale farmers. It explores major climatic events across seven regions where people are being worst affected: Asia’s typhoons, East Africa’s drought, South Africa’s cyclones, the Sahel’s drought, Latin America's dry corridor, the Pacific sea-level rise, and water scarcity in the Euphrates and Tigris River basins
Report from Oxfam, published 2022
More Internally Displaced Conflict Zones Internally Displaced Person

Internal Displacement and the Global Compact on Refugees – Are Today’s Returning Refugees Tomorrow’s Idps?

Report from iDMC, published 2017
Children Education Refugee Children Out of School Children

Hear it from the Teachers

Report from Save The Children, published 2018
Children Internally Displaced Children Child Protection Displacement

Lost at Home: The risks and challenges for internally displaced children and the urgent actions needed to protect them

Report from UNICEF, published 2020
Children Migrants Child Migrants Refugees

A Right to be Heard: Listening to children and young people on the move

Report from UNICEF, published 2018
Equality Forced Displacement Gender Dimension Gender Inequality

Gender Dimensions of Forced Displacement

Report from The World Bank, published 2022
Justice Education Educational Inaccessibility Armed Conflict

Education under Attack 2022

Report from Human Rights Watch, published 2022
More Migrants Migration Forced Migration

Global Migration Indicators 2021

Report from IOM, published 2021
Environment Community Resilience Climate Action Climate Change

Community Resilience: The Heart of Climate Action