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Health Conflict Hospitals Attacks on Hospitals

We Must End Attacks on Hospitals in Conflict Zones

International laws meant to shield hospitals and health workers from belligerents are rarely, if ever, enforced.
By Brian Elmore for undark on June 23, 2022
Health Violence Healthcare Workers Conflict Zones

‘Global crisis’ of violence: 161 healthcare workers were killed last year, study finds

Report by SHCC catalogues more than 180 incidents of attacks on hospitals with 320 health workers wounded in 49 conflict zones
By Nicola Kelly for The Guardian on May 24, 2022
Justice Armed Conflict Elderly Persons Elderly Abuse

Global: Older People at Heightened Risk in Conflict

Governments, UN Should Do More to End Abuses, Ensure Protection, Provide Assistance
From Human Rights Watch on February 23, 2022
Health Food Insecurity Malnutrition Hunger

Afghanistan: Food insecurity and malnutrition threaten ‘an entire generation’

People in Afghanistan are today facing a food insecurity and malnutrition crisis of “unparalleled proportions”, the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator said on Tuesday.
From UN News on March 15, 2022
More Food Security Food Insecurity Conflict Zones

Feeding the world: What are the challenges and how can we achieve global food security?

Experts are warning about the impact the Russian invasion of Ukraine will have on global food security.
By Kate Whiting for World Economic Forum on March 14, 2022
Justice Racism Discrimination Ukraine

Foreign students fleeing Ukraine say they face racism at border

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, foreign students attempting to leave the country say they are experiencing racist treatment by Ukrainian security forces and border officials.
By Stephanie Busari, Nimi Princewill for CNN on March 1, 2022
Children Children in Conflict Zones Child Deaths Killing

Niger: Increasing number of children killed and recruited by armed groups in Sahel’s tri-border area – new report

Increasing numbers of children are being killed and targeted for recruitment by armed groups in conflicts raging at Niger’s borders with Mali and Burkina Faso, Amnesty International said in a new report published today.
From Amnesty International on September 12, 2021
Children Malnutrition Conflict Zones Food Crisis


With so much movement and change, it’s often hard for parents to be able to provide food for their children.
By Harrod, Kirsty for Save The Children on June 30, 2021
Children Education Displacement Conflict Zones

Q&A: Reflecting on Five Years of Educating Children in the Throes of Crises, Emergencies and Displacement

Education Cannot Wait (ECW), the global fund that brings teaching and learning to children in emergencies and protracted crises, is observing five years of reaching boys and girls in some of the world’s hardest-hit conflict and disaster zones.
By Alison Kentish for Inter Press Service on May 22, 2021
Women Women's Safety Conflict Zones Crime Against Women

Why is Women’s Safety Always a ‘Secondary Issue’ in Conflict Areas?

It is no new revelation that in conflict-ridden regions or during a political upheaval, women suffer doubly. First, due to the consequences of the turmoil; second, the brutalities in form of rapes, molestation and sexual harassment which go mostly go unreported.
By Sana Shah, Aishwarya Bhattacharyya for LiveWire on April 21, 2021