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Child marriage: Some girls still being sold for cows in South Sudan, as country fights practice said to breach human rights

An activist says the younger a girl marries, the more cattle her family can get in return. It is driven by poverty as the families sell their daughters so that they get something to survive.
By Philip Whiteside for Sky news on June 22, 2022
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Staggering scale of grave violations against children in conflict revealed in new UNICEF analysis

Between 2016 and 2020, average of 71 verified grave violations against children every day.
From UNICEF on June 27, 2022
Children EdTech Children’s Rights Violations Digital Rights

Edtech is treating students like products and violating their digital rights

A recent Human Rights Watch report has exposed children’s rights violations by providers of edtech endorsed by governments in Australia and elsewhere.
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Education Remains Under Attack, What More Can Be Done?

It may be surprising to learn how often children like Mamadou have a similar experience, in 2020 one in three children around the world lived in an active conflict zone – 20 percent of them live in Africa.
By Emmanuel Dori for Save The Children on June 1, 2022
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Governments Harm Children’s Rights in Online Learning

146 Authorized Products May Have Surveilled Children and Harvested Personal Data
From Human Rights Watch on May 25, 2022
Children Children in Conflict Zones Children’s Rights Violations Armed Conflict

New study outlines importance of gender for children caught up in conflict

The UN’s leading expert on issues facing children caught up in war, on Thursday released a new analysis on the importance of considering how gender differences impact young people during armed conflicts.
From UN News on May 5, 2022
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Cadbury faces fresh accusations of child labour on cocoa farms in Ghana

A new TV documentary alleges that children as young as 10 are using machetes to harvest pods
By Jon Ungoed-Thomas for The Guardian on April 3, 2022
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Yemen: Seven Years Into Conflict, 60% of Children Know Someone Who Has Been Injured

Up to 60% of children in Yemen know someone who has been injured in the country’s seven-year conflict, with one quarter of children saying a family member had been hurt, according to a new report No Place is Safe released today by Save the Children.
From Save The Children on March 24, 2022
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11 Years Later - Is Their Childhood a Lost Dream?

To many, 11 years of war in Syria equals 11 years of a rootless life and no place to call home.
By Reema Malhotra for Save The Children on March 18, 2022
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Colombia: Children still ‘used and abused’ despite historic peace accord

Despite a steady decrease in grave violations against children in Colombia since the signing of the 2016 Peace Agreement between the Government and FARC rebels, youngsters there continue to suffer from the impact of hostilities, according to a new UN report published on Wednesday.
From UN News on January 12, 2022