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Children Air Pollution Child Health Health Impacts

The Endless Battles of Children with Breathing Difficulties in Bengaluru

Most often, the conversation on air pollution in India revolves around visibly polluted cities such as Delhi NCR.
By Divina Ann Philipose for The Bastion on May 23, 2022
Children Child Wasting Malnutrition Hunger

Global hunger crisis pushing one child into severe malnutrition every minute in 15 crisis-hit countries

Ahead of G7 summit, UNICEF appeals for US$1.2 billion to meet urgent needs of 8 million children at risk of death from severe wasting
From UNICEF on June 22, 2022
Health Encephalitis Child Health Vector-Borne Diseases

Fevers, fears and missing figures in Gorakhpur

Encephalitis has killed thousands of children in east Uttar Pradesh over the last four decades. While official numbers show a steep decline in cases now, the illness still spells fear, amid concerns of undercounting
Health Hepatitis Child Health Infectious Diseases

Hepatitis cases rising among children globally but cause remains a mystery

Researchers are investigating possible links to Covid-19, which has already been shown to cause liver problems in some patients
By Melody Schreiber for The Guardian on May 23, 2022
Children Malnutrition Child Wasting Child Health

Severe malnutrition or wasting, ‘excruciatingly painful’ threat to child survival

Severe malnutrition, also known as severe wasting, is one of the top threats to child survival, yet perhaps one of the least known or understood, according to a report issued on Tuesday by the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF).
From UN News on May 17, 2022
Children Over-consumption Environmental Degradation Toxic Pollutants

Over-consumption in the world’s richest countries is destroying children’s environments globally, new report says

The world’s richest countries – including Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands and Norway – are providing healthier environments for children within their borders, yet are disproportionately contributing to the destruction of the global environment
From UNICEF on May 23, 2022
Health Cold Virus Child Deaths Infant Deaths

‘Cold virus’ behind 100,000 child deaths globally in 2019: Lancet study

The study is the first to examine the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) disease burden in narrow age brackets, reporting that there were over 45,000 deaths in infants under six months old in 2019
From The Indian Express on May 23, 2022
Health Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Infant Deaths Child Health

Her baby died in his sleep. Her 29-year quest to find out why has led to a big breakthrough on SIDS

To new parents, many things are terrifying—yet few of them are as scary as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS.
By Annalisa Merelli for Quartz on May 19, 2022
Health Extreme Heat Health Impacts Child Health

Extreme heat poses significant and growing health risk to babies and children, study shows

When Aaron Bernstein became a pediatrician roughly 25 years ago, it didn't occur to him that the climate crisis would grow into a critical health problem for his young patients.
By Rachel Ramirez for CNN on June 15, 2022
More Migrant Workers Child Health Women's Health

Migration Mess: How women, children of Khandwa bear the brunt of seasonal relocation

Since her husband was away, Rajnibai had to spend 14 days at the Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) in Roshni with her sick child, and the entire responsibility of running the household fell on her adolescent daughter Radha.
From The Free Press Journal on June 8, 2022