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Environment Banks Greenwashing Climate Mitigation

Can bankers fix their climate problem from the inside?

Although most have long-term decarbonization targets, very few have been willing to restrict their business with high-carbon clients. Globally, banks have lent $4.6 trillion to the fossil fuel industry since 2016.
By Tim McDonnell for Quartz on June 27, 2022
Women Pregnant Women Banks Exclusion

Many Banks in India Are Denying Work to Pregnant Women, Perpetuating Gender Exclusion

The Indian Bank’s hiring guidelines audaciously refuse to hire pregnant women who have crossed the 12-week mark.
By Saumya Kalia for The Swaddle on June 21, 2022
Environment Renewable Energy Green Investments Financial Institutions

Will making banks obligated to invest in renewables help India’s energy transition?

India needs about Rs.1.5-2 trillion every year till 2030 to achieve its clean energy target while the current annual investment of about Rs. 750 billion is only half the amount.
By Mayank Aggarwal for Mongabay on March 16, 2022
Environment Carbon Emissions Energy Coal

Banks and investors have given trillions to coal, despite many signing onto net zero pledges

Despite repeated net zero promises, green slogans, and heartfelt acknowledgements that carbon emissions must be curbed in order to avoid climate disaster, international banks still spent more than $1.5 trillion over the last three years financing coal projects—the highest carbon emitting and dirtiest energy source.
By SOPHIE MELLOR for Fortune on February 16, 2022
Economy Financial Sector Regulation Account Aggregators

Government may discuss framework for account aggregators with financial sector regulators

While CAMS Finserv, Finvu, OneMoney and NESL are already operating as account aggregators, companies such as PhonePe, NSDL E-Governance Account Aggregator Ltd and Yodlee have received in-principle approval.
From The Economic Times on February 15, 2022
Environment Climate Action Banks Sustainable Financing

Global Climate Action: Where Do Indian Banks Stand?

Indian banks need to move away from financing fossil fuels projects and prioritise lending to renewable energy and other environmentally sustainable projects
By Flavia Lopes, Gokulananda Nandan for IndiaSpend on October 8, 2021