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Health Air Pollution Non-communicable Diseases Health Impacts

Air pollution behind rising burden of NCDs: ASSOCHAM report

The report said 76 percent of the population with NCDs is exposed to high air pollution. It also suggests that nearly 29 per cent of the population is exposed to high levels of household pollution, while 20 per cent is exposed to air pollution at the workplace.
From The Statesman on July 12, 2022
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Indoor air pollution: What causes it and how to tackle it

Around 4.2 million people die prematurely due to indoor air pollution, according to the World Health Organization.
From World Economic Forum on July 6, 2022
Environment Air Pollution Traffic Pollution Control

Pollutionwatch: air pollution evidence needs translating into action

The facts are there but scientists need to do more to convince politicians, policymakers and the public
By Gary Fuller for The Guardian on July 15, 2022
Health Indoor Pollution Air Pollution Health Hazard

How India is choking indoors

Indoor air pollution is as much a health hazard as outdoor pollution, and women bear the brunt of it. Use of clean cooking fuel must increase
By Debasis Barik for Business Line on July 15, 2022
Environment Methane Greenhouse Gas Emission Global Warming

Methane much more sensitive to global heating than previously thought – study

Greenhouse gas has undergone rapid acceleration and scientists say it may be due to atmospheric changes
By Kate Ravilious for The Guardian on July 5, 2022
Health Air Pollution Health Hazard Life Expectancy

Dirty air could shave five years off people’s lives in south Asia

People living in south Asia could lose about five years of their lives on average unless air quality improves to WHO-prescribed levels, according to a new assessment.
By Ranjit Devraj for Quartz on June 17, 2022
Children Air Pollution Child Health Health Impacts

The Endless Battles of Children with Breathing Difficulties in Bengaluru

Most often, the conversation on air pollution in India revolves around visibly polluted cities such as Delhi NCR.
By Divina Ann Philipose for The Bastion on May 23, 2022
More Air Pollution Misinformation Fake News

What Air Pollution in South Korea Can Teach the World about Misinformation

Tracking how misinformation campaigns begin and amplify can give scientists tools to combat them
By Dongwook Kim, Seoha Park for Scientific American on June 27, 2022
Environment Microplastics Health Hazard Air Pollution

Health Hazard: Researchers Provide First Evidence of Microplastics in Varanasi Air

Most micro particles were found to be less than 1 mm in size which can be easily inhaled, and have potential health risks.
By Srishti Choudhary for News18 on June 25, 2022
Environment Fossil Fuels Carbon Emissions Coal Mining

Behind Bangladesh’s Carbon Catastrophe

Despite having an abundance of potential for solar and wind energy, Bangladesh is ranked in the top five for global coal and gas power projects.
By Munira Chowdhury for The Diplomat on June 23, 2022