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Across Asia and the Pacific, Digitalization of Rural Communities is Leading the Way to a Better Future – But the Goal is to Leave No One Behind

It wasn’t that long ago that Internet connectivity faded the moment one left a populated area like a city or big town – “no service” was the take-away message back then. But thanks to 3G, 4G and now 5G mobile technology, coupled with widespread installation of cellular towers in rural areas region-wide, that little message shows up much less frequently.
By Jong-Jin Kim for Inter Press Service on June 24, 2022
Children Digital Education Access to Digital Devices School Closure

Karnataka: Only 30% Children Attended Online Classes During Lockdown

The research primarily aimed to study the circumstances of the families during the lockdown period and submit recommendations to the governments and other stakeholders.
By Ratika Rana for The Logical Indian on December 12, 2021
Children Digital Education Access to Digital Devices Access to Internet

Education Ministry report: At least 40% school children in 7 large states lack access to digital devices

The report, Initiatives by the School Education Sector in 2020-21, shows that the digital divide has hit some states disproportionately hard, while a few may have coped well due to adequate availability of smartphones and television sets.
By Sourav Roy Barman for The Indian Express on October 8, 2021
Children Digital Divide Digital Inequality Access to Digital Devices

Over 2.9 crore children in India don’t have access to digital devices, govt report reveals

According to report by education ministry, maximum students from Bihar did not have access to digital devices, followed by Jharkhand and Karnataka.
By Kritika Sharma for ThePrint on October 7, 2021
Children Learning Loss Education Digital Education

Children in Madhya Pradesh struggle to read and write as they return to school

While there is relief in teachers and students that schools have reopened in Madhya Pradesh after 18 months, there is consternation too, as most of the children have forgotten whatever they had learnt before the COVID-19 pandemic. This could prove to be a costly drawback in future learning.
By Sachin Tulsa Tripathi for Gaon Connection on September 28, 2021
Children Education Learning Loss School Closure

By failing to prioritise education, Modi government and the states are harming India’s future

Even during the harshest lockdown periods, the authorities paid little attention to how children in schools were being impacted by the pandemic.
By Deepanshu Mohan for on August 4, 2021
Women Technology Access to Digital Devices Digital Divide

Women And Tech: Addressing Gender Gap Through Feminist Technology

Women often fail to understand that their inability to use technology is not because they are incapable of using it, but because they were not exposed to it like the men were.
By Anagha S for Feminism In India on August 17, 2021
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Digital Learning: Covid Underlines Privilege Divide And Inadequate Teacher Training

The learning loss for students in such situations can be immense, more so for students who already come from marginalised communities, and hope for education to be a means of social mobility.
By Nipunika Sachdeva for Feminism In India on August 17, 2021
Children Smartphone Access Access to Digital Devices Digital Education

59.2 per cent children use smartphones for messaging, finds NCPCR study

Only 10.1 per cent of children like to use smartphones for online learning and education, the study added
From The Asian Age on July 25, 2021
Children Digital Divide Access to Digital Devices Access to Internet

Loans for Smartphones, Trekking Through Jungles: 'Lost Generation' Fears as Covid Locks Out India's Poor Students

According to UNICEF, only one in four children in India has access to digital devices and the internet.
From News18 on August 5, 2021