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Children Racism Discrimination Ethnic Minorities

Racism and discrimination against children rife in countries worldwide

New report outlines how children are discriminated against in health, access to government resources, and education; analysis of 22 low- and middle-income countries shows advantaged groups are twice as likely to have basic reading skills
From UNICEF on November 17, 2022
Environment Climate Change Climate Concern Climate Change Impact

African youth report reconsidering having children due to climate change at higher rate than youth from other regions

Globally, 2 in 5 young people said the impacts of climate change have made them rethink their desire to start a family, according to agency’s latest U-Report findings.
From UNICEF on November 9, 2022
Children Violence Against Children Child Abuse Physical Violence

2 in 3 children in Latin America and the Caribbean experience violence at home

Violence against children starts early and follows them into adolescence, a new regional UNICEF report finds
From UNICEF on October 31, 2022
Children Climate Hazards Climate Change Impact Climate Shocks

Children are at risk of climate change related hazards in the middle East and North Africa

Egypt scores highest in the region in children’s exposure to climate and environmental shocks
From UNICEF on October 30, 2022
More Food Insecurity Hunger Nutritional Deficiency

UN Report: Global hunger numbers rose to as many as 828 million in 2021

The latest State of Food Security and Nutrition report shows the world is moving backwards in efforts to eliminate hunger and malnutrition
From UNICEF on July 6, 2022
Equality Gender Inequality Gender Stereotypes Gender Based Discrimination

Girls worldwide lag behind boys in mathematics, failed by discrimination and gender stereotypes – UNICEF

Ahead of the United Nations Transforming Education Summit, UNICEF warns that low levels of numeracy proficiency, particularly among girls, is undermining children’s ability to learn, develop and progress
From UNICEF on September 13, 2022
Children Girl Child Secondary Education Economic Cost

Depriving girls of secondary education translates to a loss of at least US$500 million for Afghan economy in last 12 months

New analysis by UNICEF has found that depriving girls in Afghanistan of their right to secondary education will have a devastating effect on the country’s economy.
From UNICEF on August 14, 2022
Children Skill Gap Employment Opportunities Youth

Around 3 in 4 youth lack skills needed for employment, new report says

Ahead of World Youth Skills Day, UNICEF and the Education Commission call for urgent investment to address the global learning and skills crisis
From UNICEF on July 12, 2022
Children Children in Conflict Zones Children’s Rights Violations Violations against Children

Staggering scale of grave violations against children in conflict revealed in new UNICEF analysis

Between 2016 and 2020, average of 71 verified grave violations against children every day.
From UNICEF on June 27, 2022
Children Child Marriage Female Genital Mutilation Child Abuse

Child marriage on the rise in Horn of Africa as drought crisis intensifies

irls as young as twelve are being forced into child marriage and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) at “alarming rates” in the Horn of Africa, as the most severe drought in forty years pushes families to the edge – warns UNICEF.
From UNICEF on June 28, 2022