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Women Gender Equality Digital Access Digital Inclusion

Expanding broadband safely and inclusively to reach digital gender equality

“Insight” by Ms. Sima Bahous, Broadband Commissioner, UN Under-Secretary-General and UN Women Executive Director
From UN Women on September 18, 2022
Women COVID-19 Gender-based violence (GBV) Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG)

UN Women and UNDP report: Five lessons from COVID-19 for centring gender in crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has deepened a trio of interlocking crises that threaten women and girls around the world: spiking levels of gender-based violence, steep losses in employment and an unmanageable increase in unpaid care work.
From UN Women on June 23, 2022
Equality Gender Roles Social Norms Stereotypes

UN Women Reveals Concerning Regression in Attitudes Towards Gender Roles During Pandemic in New Study

Findings of the 20-country study show attitudes towards gender roles have deteriorated amid COVID-19 as outdated social norms and stereotypes continue to hold society back from reaching gender equality.
From UN Women on June 22, 2022
Women Private Sector Women Empowerment Social Responsibility

How the private sector can help women’s empowerment and peace

More than two decades on from the adoption of the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) agenda — which affirmed the crucial role of women in conflict prevention and peacebuilding initiatives — women’s inclusion in recovery and relief efforts remains under-resourced and under-valued.
From UN Women on June 15, 2022
Women Gender Inequality Climate Change International Women’s Day

Explainer: How gender inequality and climate change are interconnected

Gender inequality coupled with the climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges of our time.
From UN Women on February 28, 2022
Equality Transgender Persons Gender Equality Inclusion

UN Women statement for the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

UN Women stands in solidarity with and supports everyone with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions and sex characteristics (SOGIESC) in efforts to resist, support and heal from hatred, fear and discrimination.
From UN Women on May 17, 2021
Women Unpaid Work Gender Inequality Gender Roles

Ipsos survey confirms that COVID-19 is intensifying women’s workload at home

New data from 18 countries confirms what many had suspected all along: women are doing the bulk of the work needed to keep households running – often while juggling paid work.
By Ginette Azcona, Kaitlin Love for UN Women on July 9, 2020