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Women Women's Health Cost of Living Crisis Inflation

Women sacrifice their health to shield families from spiking costs

Women are skipping meals, medical appointments and treatments in order to make ends meet as living costs rise worldwide
By Nita Bhalla for Thomson Reuters Foundation on September 22, 2022
Equality Gender Justice Girl Child Sex Ratio

'As capable as a son': Indians say no to the abortion of girls

More girls are born as women achieve success in business and sport, and police raid clinics that carry out sex-selective abortions
By Annie Banerji for Thomson Reuters Foundation on September 6, 2022
Justice LGBTQ Communities Homosexuality Criminalisation

OPINION: Laws don’t sleep: LGBTQ+ people are at constant risk when homosexuality is criminalised

The possibility of these ‘dormant’ laws striking down at any time means LGBTQ+ and gender-diverse people live perpetually under threat
By Julia Ehrt for Thomson Reuters Foundation on September 12, 2022
Urban Sustainable Cities Climate Resilience Extreme Weather Events

OPINION: Can our cities survive climate change?

After a summer of heatwaves, droughts and floods, here's how cities can become more resilient to climate extremes
Environment Tree Plantation Himalayas Environmental Impacts

Greening the Himalayas: Is there a 'wrong' place to plant trees?

Villagers are creating forests in the cold desert to help curb climate change, but experts say it hurts delicate ecosystems
By Athar Parvaiz for Thomson Reuters Foundation on August 17, 2022
Health Vaccine Access Health Inequalities Monkeypox

Race for monkeypox vaccines exposes global health inequality

Tight supplies have mostly been snapped up by the United States, but some hard-hit nations such as Brazil and Peru still have none
Economy Cost of Living Water Crisis Inflation

Rising cost of living makes clean water a luxury in Syria

Many people in war-stricken northeast Syria cannot afford clean water with inflation rising due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine
By Nazih Osseiran for Thomson Reuters Foundation on August 30, 2022
Environment Climate Disasters Disaster Management Floods

Will Pakistan floods spur better climate disaster planning?

As losses from climate-fuelled disasters rise, investment in cutting risks makes financial sense - and can solve multiple problems at once
By Laurie Goering for Thomson Reuters Foundation on August 31, 2022
Economy Renewable Energy Inflation Poverty

Heat or eat? Winter protests loom as energy poverty sweeps Europe

Spreading strikes and protests over energy-fuelled inflation force politicians into a corner over climate goals
By Joanna Gill for Thomson Reuters Foundation on August 25, 2022
Rural Cholera Water Crisis Access to Electricity Supply

Cholera tragedy in Indian village sheds light on power debts

Village councils fail to pay bills as new water connections increase energy usage, but cash-strapped power companies need the revenue to ensure a steady electricity supply
By Roli Srivastava for Thomson Reuters Foundation on August 22, 2022