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Equality Sex Workers Sex Work Workers Rights

Sex Workers Need to be Seen as Labour, Not Victims

The re-conceptualisation of sex work as a form of sexual labour will increase sex workers’ accessibility to resources, mobilise them for representation and participation, and challenge social exclusion.
By Anita Tagore for The Wire on July 1, 2022
Health Cancer Care Cancer Health Inequalities

Cancer Care Is Improving – But at Different Rates for Different People in India

The progression-free survival of a certain type of lung cancer among participants of an Indian study was found to be 12.1 months shorter than that among those in a US study.
By Parth Sharma, Siddhesh Zadey for The Wire on June 20, 2022
Justice Human Rights Quality of Life Human Rights Protection

India Performed Worse Than Average in Upholding 13 Basic Human Rights, Report Says

Among South Asian countries, only Pakistan had performed worse than India on protecting 'quality of life' rights.
From The Wire on June 27, 2022
Environment Climate Change Rich Countries Green Climate Fund

Despite Talk of New Funds for Climate Change, Rich Nations Are Only Diverting Development Aid

A new report finds that richer countries' tendency to reroute funds meant for development – including those meant for poverty eradication – harms poorer countries. But this is unsurprising, say experts.
By Aathira Perinchery for The Wire on June 23, 2022
Children Detention Mental Health Justice System

Detentions, Lack of Opportunities and Deteriorating Mental Health: Report Sheds Light on J&K Kids

An alarming deficiency in distribution of critical resources including a protective justice delivery system and an environment that promotes mental health has taken away the joys of childhood from many a young child in the Union territory, the report finds.
From The Wire on June 23, 2022
Rural Farmer's Suicide Debt Farmer Distress

88% of Over 9,000 Punjab Farmers Who Died by Suicide in 18 Years Were Debt-Ridden: Study

The Panjab Agriculture University study examined deaths by suicide among farmers between 2000 and 2018 in six districts of the state.
By Vivek Gupta for The Wire on June 21, 2022
More Migrant Workers Reverse Migration Migration

How Many Migrant Workers Left Cities During the COVID-19 Lockdown?

A PLF survey bears out the pain of mass migration for millions of Indian labourers.
By The Wire Staff for The Wire on June 20, 2022
More Thalassemia Blood Disorder Food Fortification

India’s Coming Misadventure With Rice Fortification in All Food Schemes

The Union government, cut off from the realities of the vast diversity of health and poverty conditions of the country, appears to have bitten the bait of corporate lobbies.
By Kavitha Kuruganti for The Wire on May 24, 2022
Equality Gender Inequality Labour Force Participation Inequalities

Gender Gap at Work Worsens in Low, Middle-Income Nations, but Reverses in High-Income Countries: ILO

The ILO report, which found that about 11.2 crore jobs might have been lost in the first quarter of 2022, also highlighted the great divergence between richer and poorer nations evident during the recovery period.
From The Wire on May 24, 2022
More Open Defecation Open Defecation Free Sanitation

Why Eradicating Open Defecation Is Not the Same as Setting up New Toilets

India has reduced open defecation and made some progress to improve sanitation services. But its sanitation system is not yet sustainable and not yet safe.
By Sujeet Kumar for The Wire on June 11, 2022