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Economy Forests Climate Crisis Reforestation

Forests Are Key to Combating India’s Climate Crisis. Here’s How Local Communities Are Regrowing Them.

Jawhar is but a small, brown blip amidst 97 million hectares of similarly barren land.
By Jahnavi Jethmalani for The Swaddle on June 23, 2022
Equality Caste Based Discrimination Caste Atrocities Caste

Alleged Assault on Zomato Delivery Agent Is a Reminder of How Everyday Casteism Thrives in India

“Caste is a thing of the past,” many Indians belonging to privileged castes often argue.
By Devrupa Rakshit for The Swaddle on June 21, 2022
Women Abortions Access to Abortion Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR)

After Roe V. Wade Overturning, Indians Are Rushing to Prove Their Superiority. Here’s Why That’s Dangerous.

This is a story of a reality sordid and sour, a pride jingoistic and misplaced, and the elimination of a civil right that forever changes the story of women and their bodily autonomy in another country and, arguably, the world over.
By Saumya Kalia for The Swaddle on June 27, 2022
Women Pregnant Women Banks Exclusion

Many Banks in India Are Denying Work to Pregnant Women, Perpetuating Gender Exclusion

The Indian Bank’s hiring guidelines audaciously refuse to hire pregnant women who have crossed the 12-week mark.
By Saumya Kalia for The Swaddle on June 21, 2022
Justice Marital Rape Caste Consent

Why Caste Is Essential to Understanding Marital Rape

When the Delhi High Court delivered a split verdict on criminalizing marital rape last week, it prompted dejection and fury among many.
By Rohitha Naraharisetty for The Swaddle on May 18, 2022
Health Menstruation Stress Mental Health Crisis

Period Irregularities and Stress Levels Have Risen Together Since 2020: Study

Ever since the pandemic began, women from across the world have taken to social media to discuss unanticipated irregularities in their menstrual cycles.
By Devrupa Rakshit for The Swaddle on May 17, 2022
Urban Smart Cities Climate Crisis Urban Design

India Wants to Build Smart Cities. We Asked Experts if These Urban Designs Can Survive the Climate Crisis.

We live in cities of volatility. Heat waves sweep across parts in a blanket of red and orange, just as easily as devastating floods halt life and livelihood. Droughts, locusts, and natural disasters are becoming frequent and fierce; leaving a city, and its people, to respond to climate crises.
By Saumya Kalia for The Swaddle on June 12, 2022
Health Skin Donor Banks Skin Burn Victims Skin Donation

How a Lack of Skin Donor Banks in Gujarat Is Creating an Alarming Crisis for Burn Victims

“India witnesses an average of around 17 lakh [fire-related] accidents in a year and most patients require skin grafting,” points out Dr. Deepak Narola, Chairperson of the Indian Red Cross Society.
By Ashvita Singh for The Swaddle on June 8, 2022
Environment Sleep Deprivation Climate Change Impact Heat Wave

People Are Sleeping Less Because of High Temperatures Globally, Shows Research

In 2019, playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer imagined a circuit breaker for climate crisis with his play Hibernation: a world where people could plunge into a deep slumber to evade the catastrophe of heatwaves, floods, and extreme weather.
By Saumya Kalia for The Swaddle on May 23, 2022
Health Abortions Access to Healthcare Services Sexual and Reproductive Health

How Travel Distance Decides if Women Get an Abortion

It is indeed a truth both jarring and recurring that distance can determine if, and how, women engage with their pregnancies.
By Saumya Kalia for The Swaddle on May 18, 2022