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Economy COVID-19 Food Consumption Economically Weaker Section

Pune’s poorest homes ate less meals a day, cut dal and meat during Covid lockdown: Study

However, study finds that 58 per cent of households surveyed, with annual income above Rs 8 lakh, reported an increase in the quantity of food consumed during the lockdown
By Anjali Marar for The Indian Express on July 14, 2022
Environment Species Loss Extinction Exploitation

One million species at risk of extinction, warns report

IPBES cites over-exploitation as the main cause
By Esha Roy for The Indian Express on July 8, 2022
Health Mental Health Disorders Dementia Rural People

Dementia as big a risk in rural India

For the first time, the Centre for Brain Research, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, is conducting a community-based, cohort study on ageing across villages.
By Anuradha Mascarenhas for The Indian Express on July 19, 2022
Equality Gender Attitudes Gender Roles Gender Education And Training

Karnataka NEP Paper flags attitudes to gender: ‘Women tolerate violence for family’

The survey raised gender sensitivity in textbooks, the inclusion of members from the LGBTQ community in schools and gender-based roles, among other topics.
By Sanath Prasad for The Indian Express on July 16, 2022
Economy Poor People Inflation Inequalities

Upsurge affects poor the most, govt must retool policy to ensure that inequalities do not deepen

Christophe Jaffrelot and Trishali Chauhan write: Inflation is here to stay because it has much to do with the decline in value of the rupee that has fallen to its lowest, which makes imports of oil and gas more expensive.
Health Natural Disaster Mental Health Psychological Impact

Is there a link between natural disasters and mental health? Experts decode

In situations where support systems get compromised as well, the impact can be more long-lasting and devastating, expressed psychologist Kamna Chhibber.
By Jayashree Narayanan for The Indian Express on June 28, 2022
Rural Nutrition Security Nutritious Diet Food Price

Digging Deep: Why EAT-Lancet’s diet to save the planet remains inaccessible in rural India

The EAT-Lancet Commission recommends the least expensive, sustainable, nutrition-rich diet for various parts of the globe but it remains inaccessible for rural India.
By Ritvik Chaturvedi for The Indian Express on June 24, 2022
Environment Tree Plantation Afforestation Ecological Destruction

Researchers warn about perils of mass drives to plant trees

Experts point out that if tree-planting initiatives are not scientifically sound, it may even lead to a reduction in the water table. The approach should rather be based on restoring the local ecosystem.
By Aksheev Thakur for The Indian Express on May 24, 2022
Health Pollution Health Impacts Deaths

Global pollution kills 9 million people a year, finds study

India and China lead the world in pollution deaths with nearly 2.4 million and almost 2.2 million deaths a year, but the two nations also have the world's largest populations.
From The Indian Express on May 18, 2022
Health Cold Virus Child Deaths Infant Deaths

‘Cold virus’ behind 100,000 child deaths globally in 2019: Lancet study

The study is the first to examine the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) disease burden in narrow age brackets, reporting that there were over 45,000 deaths in infants under six months old in 2019
From The Indian Express on May 23, 2022