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Rural Malnutrition Nutritious Diet Nutrition Security

Survey reveals why rural women offer biscuits to their children for breakfast

A women’s voluntary group working is helping counter malnutrition among children in 30 villages of Belagavi district in Karnataka. They are creating awareness among mothers about malnutrition and nutritious food
By The Hindu Bureau for The Hindu on June 27, 2022
More Sundarbans COVID-19 Vulnerability

COVID-19 worsened matters in Sundarbans: UN report

The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction study says double burden of disease and cyclone disrupted education and reinforced vulnerabilities faced by children and women
By Shiv Sahay Singh for The Hindu on June 18, 2022
Children Missing Children Child Safety Child Abuse

Twenty nine children in Madhya Pradesh, 14 in Rajasthan went missing per day in 2021: NGO report

Also, five children went missing per day in Delhi in 2021 in eight police districts, according to report of Child Rights and You [CRY]
From The Hindu on May 22, 2022
Justice Death Penalty Death Sentence Judicial Orders

The challenge of reforming death penalty sentencing

Lower courts must rigorously comply with the Supreme Court of India’s decision in ‘Manoj’ enabling an informed sentencing inquiry
By C.P. Shruthi, Shivani Misra for The Hindu on June 2, 2022
Health Abortion Rights Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) Abortion Access

India must shift the discourse on abortion rights

It is not just a family planning and maternal health issue, but also a sexual health and reproductive rights issue
By Sonali Vaid, Sumegha Asthana for The Hindu on May 26, 2022
More Migrant Workers Migrant Worker Distress Migrant Policy

Push the policy needle forward on migrant support

Amidst the scattered experimentation now, the Centre must offer strategic policy guidance for inter-State coordination
By Mukta Naik, Varun Aggarwal for The Hindu on April 5, 2022
Urban Mental Health Urban Design Mental Well-Being

How urban design impacts mental health

Poorly designed cities and buildings impact us in more ways than one. We could use the post-Covid era as a chance to make changes in our living environment
By Nidhi Adlakha for The Hindu on May 28, 2020
Equality Demonetisation Refugees Digital Payments

On the margins: how demonetisation has affected refugees in India

Ever since demonetisation was introduced, the government has been making a strong push for the adoption of digital payment systems.
By Roshni Shanker, Ishita Kumar for The Hindu on November 7, 2017
Economy Agriculture Food Security Environmental Sustainability

Ploughing a new channel for India’s food systems

The siloed approach of ‘agriculture’ serving ‘food security’ needs to give way to a science-society-policy interface
By Manish Anand, S. Vijay Kumar for The Hindu on February 25, 2022
Children Learning Loss Digital Divide Child Well-being

India’s prolonged school closure has set children back by years academically and taken a toll on their wellbeing emotionally

India has achieved the dubious distinction of becoming the country with the second longest COVID-19 pandemic-linked school closure in the world — next only to Uganda
By Zubeda Hamid, S. Poorvaja for The Hindu on February 18, 2022