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Children Children in Conflict Zones Violations against Children Maim

New Report: Number of Children Living in Deadliest Conflict Countries Jumps Nearly 10% in One Year

An average of 22 children a day were killed and maimed in 2021 despite overall drop in grave violations against children.
From Save The Children on November 30, 2022
Children Climate Change Nutrition Security Food Insecurity

The Effects of Climate Change and the Need to Invest in Nutrition to Avert a Disaster

Today, Kenya, along with the rest of the Horn of Africa, is experiencing one of the worst droughts in 40 years. Over 4.35 million Kenyans are going hungry while over 942,000 children require urgent treatment for acute malnutrition.
By Festo Chikani Wangéle for Save The Children on November 15, 2022
Children Floods Extreme Weather Events Displacement

Extreme Floods Throw the Lives of 19 Million Children off Course in Past Three Months

Widespread flooding over the past three months has thrown the lives of about 19 million children off course in the top five most impacted countries, Save the Children said, highlighting the need for next week’s COP27 summit to get the climate emergency under control.
From Save The Children on November 3, 2022
Children Malnutrition Child Health Nutritional Deficiency

Child Malnutrition Cases Rise Nearly 50% in Afghanistan as Hunger Hits Record Levels

The number of dangerously malnourished children admitted to Save the Children’s mobile health clinics in Afghanistan has increased by 47% since January this year, with some babies dying before managing to receive any treatment, the children's charity said today.
From Save The Children on October 31, 2022
Children Climate Crisis Poverty Economic Impacts

Getting Granular With Data: New Estimates of the Dual Impacts of Poverty and Climate Risk

Our analysis found that 774 million children globally – one out of every three children – both live in poverty and are profoundly impacted by the climate crisis.
From Save The Children on October 31, 2022
Children Climate Risks Poverty Children in Conflict Zones

Report: One in Three Children Globally Face Double Threat of High Climate Risk and Crushing Poverty

An estimated 774 million children across the world – or one third of the world’s child population - are living with the dual impacts of poverty and high climate risk, according to a new report by Save the Children.
From Save The Children on October 26, 2022
Children Climate Crisis Climate Action Climate Concern

Hope in the Face of Crisis: Children Want Action From World Leaders

We heard from over 54,500 children and young people from 41 countries about climate change and inequality through a series of in-person dialogues, online consultations and surveys.
By Lisa Wise for Save The Children on October 17, 2022
Children Children in Conflict Zones Child Marriage Girl Child

Report: Girls Living in Conflict Face 20% Higher Risk of Child Marriage

Girls affected by conflict are 20% more likely to be married than those living in peaceful areas, according to new analysis from Save the Children released on the 10th anniversary of International Day of the Girl.
From Save The Children on October 11, 2022
Economy Debt Repayment Education Education Financing

One in Three of World’s Poorest Countries Pay More on Debt Repayments Than Education – Save the Children

One-third of the poorest countries in the world are spending more on paying back debt to wealthy nations and investors than they are on children’s education, said Save the Children.
From Save The Children on October 12, 2022
Children Psychological Impact Child Well-being Economic Crisis

“She Would Hit Her Head on the Wall Continuously”: Afghanistan on the Brink of Mental Health Catastrophe as Children Pushed to the Limit

Afghanistan is on the brink of a mental health catastrophe as the economic crisis and decades of conflict take a dangerous toll on children’s mental and psychosocial wellbeing.
From Save The Children on October 10, 2022