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Health Non-communicable Diseases Deaths Developing Countries

‘8 out of 10 global deaths due to non-communicable diseases from developing, underdeveloped countries’

In a report released to emphasise the need for financial investment in preventing losses due to non-communicable diseases, the World Health Organization (WHO) informed that 85 per cent of the global deaths due to such diseases occur in low and middle income countries, including some of the poorest nations in the world.
From Gaon Connection on December 17, 2021
Justice Sugarcane Workers Exploitation Slavery

The Cane Cutters of Gujarat: They work 12 hours a day and get paid after six months

Tribal migrant labourers in South Gujarat, slog long hours on sugarcane farms, but have neither proper homes, toilets nor education for their children. Their wages are handed to them only at the end of six months, which leads them right into the dedhi debt trap that thrives on the hefty 50 per cent interest.
By Nidhi Jamwal for Gaon Connection on January 31, 2022
Children School Closure Access to Internet School Exams

‘What is our fault?’ — With schools shut and no internet access, rural students worry about the board exams

Board examinations are a month away and schools are shut due to the rising threat of the Omicron variant of COVID19.
By Virendra Singh for Gaon Connection on January 20, 2022
Children Child Labour Child Abuse Brick Kilns

10-12 hours of hard labour a day to earn Rs 100: Child labour thrives in the brick kilns of Rajasthan

Deprived of nutrition, education and a safe environment, the number of child labourers in India is 10.1 million of which over 252,000 are in Rajasthan alone.
By Madhav Sharma for Gaon Connection on January 19, 2022
Women Women Empowerment Weavers Economic Opportunity

As they sew, so they reap: Women in Bihar use Sujani embroidery to empower themselves

Sujani embroidery from Muzaffarpur, Bihar, holds a GI tag. Traditionally, women quilted patches of cloth together and embroidered motifs from Nature on them using the simple chain stitch and running stitch to wrap up newborn babies. Now, the craft is a source of livelihood and self-reliance for 600 women in the district.
By Lovely Kumari for Gaon Connection on January 19, 2022
Justice Age at Marriage Child Marriage Laws Against Child Marriage

Same is not equal; need enabling measures to increase girls’ age of marriage

In the current debate on age of marriage, instead of looking at the gaping inequalities across gender, caste, class and religion, which foster underage marriages, the difference of three years between a girl’s and a boy’s minimum age of marriage is being cited as an inequality that needs to be done away with.
By Amita Pitre for Gaon Connection on December 24, 2021
Environment Rising Temperature Extreme Heat Labour Loss

Rising heat causing labour losses; 162 lost hours per person per year in India, finds a study

A new study shows India is amongst the most affected countries showing the largest heat exposure impacts on heavy labour, mostly agricultural and construction workers. Midday heat exposure causes productivity losses of upto 20 minutes an hour in the country. Is moving heavy labour to the early morning hours an alternative?
From Gaon Connection on December 15, 2021
Justice Trafficking Survivors Human Trafficking Bill Human Trafficking

Human trafficking survivors highlight loopholes in the pending draft Bill

The Trafficking in Persons (Prevention, Care and Rehabilitation) Bill 2021 is expected to be passed in the ongoing Winter Session of the Parliament. Human trafficking survivors from different parts of India spoke to Gaon Connection about the gaps in the Bill which are yet to be addressed. More details here.
By Sarah Khan for Gaon Connection on December 4, 2021
Rural Water Contamination Groundwater Water Crisis

Ground Report: After arsenic, fluoride and iron, now high levels of radioactive uranium in Bihar’s groundwater

At least ten districts of Bihar have reported high levels of uranium in their groundwater, the primary source of drinking water in rural areas, which far exceeds the tolerable limit prescribed by the World Health Organization.
By OP Singh for Gaon Connection on December 3, 2021
Health World AIDS Day AIDS Related Deaths People Living with HIV/AIDS

World AIDS Day: 11 steps to reduce AIDS deaths in India

In India, about 60,000 AIDS-related deaths were estimated in 2019.
From Gaon Connection on December 1, 2021