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Children Vitamin Deficiency Vitamin A Supplementation Access To Vitamins

Two In Five Children In India Have No Access To Vitamin A Supplementation

Around 190 million children below the age of 5 worldwide have vitamin A deficiency.
By Anuradha Varanasi for Forbes on July 28, 2022
Women Gender Pay Gap Gender Biases Female Workforce

Women at work: Can we bridge the gender pay gap once and for all?

Income disparity is a result of systemic biases, socio-cultural norms, and low representation of women at the workplace, which companies can address by being more intentional about equity, and the government, through policy change
By Divya J Shekhar for Forbes on June 23, 2022
Environment Fossil Fuels Sustainable Development Goals Climate Change

Fossil Fuels Are ‘Weapons Of Mass Destruction’ Preventing Economic Development, New Report Finds

Unchecked production and use of oil, coal and gas is undermining economic development and is incompatible with poverty alleviation worldwide, a new report has found, presenting a strong counter-narrative to fossil fuel industry claims that their operations improve lives and livelihoods.
By David Vetter for Forbes on June 1, 2022
Women Rural Women Equitable Water Access Water Fetching

How drinking water access is the key to empowering rural women

By providing tap water and a toilet in every home in an Indian village, the women found themselves utilising their spare time not to rest but to start a business, the managing trustee of Swades Foundation, Zarina Screwvala, writes
By Zarina Screwvala for Forbes on April 26, 2022
Health Affordable Healthcare Access to Healthcare Services Telemedicine

Affordable and accessible: Why India needs telemedicine

For a country which has consistently faced the barrier of access to quality care, technology in healthcare has the power to bring in lasting solutions to the changing health needs of our people and improve patient experience and outcomes
By Dr Ashutosh Raghuvanshi for Forbes on April 6, 2022
Health Healthcare Workers Healthcare Dropout

Unless We Future-Proof Healthcare, Study Shows That By 2025, 75% Of Healthcare Workers Will Leave The Profession

We believe doctors and healthcare professionals aren't supposed to leave medicine, as it's a calling and profession for life.
By Jack Kelly for Forbes on March 15, 2022
Economy Small Businesses Inflation Worker Shortage

What Pre- And Post-Omicron Surveys Say About Where Small Businesses Headed

Small businesses are being squeezed by hiring difficulties and rising costs.
By Dane Stangler for Forbes on March 10, 2022
Governance Climate Change Disinformation Corporate Social Responsibility

Climate Change Denial Still Rife On Facebook, Say Researchers

Facebook is only flagging around half the posts from the major climate change deniers on its platform, a new report warns.
By Emma Woollacott for Forbes on February 24, 2022
Economy Competitive Compensation Talent Pool Class Barrier

Nonprofit Salaries And The Leadership Gap

Keeping nonprofit salaries low or nonexistent holds back entire communities.
By Ashley Sharp for Forbes on February 22, 2022
Economy Secondhand Marketplace Business Model Startups

Entrepreneurs, Create A Startup To Take Advantage Of A Rising Industry —Secondhand Anything

The secondhand marketplace is not only going to grow in the next few years, it is here to stay for the next 20 years.
By Bernhard Schroeder for Forbes on February 21, 2022