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Environment Extreme Flooding Event Disaster Management Climate Change Mitigation

The next extreme floods could be even worse, a new study shows. But there's a way to prevent that

While it's hard to imagine flooding more frightening than what the St. Louis area and Kentucky saw last week, new research shows that more extreme events are coming, and if the communities impacted don't build back smarter, the devastation will be worse the second time around.
By Rachel Ramirez for CNN on August 3, 2022
Health Migrant Workers Extreme Heat Health Impacts

For Asia's migrant workers, extreme heat is 'a matter of life and death'

It was mid-afternoon on a sweltering Saturday when Raj, a laborer from northwest India, started feeling dizzy as he hauled heavy bags of concrete mix and sand on a construction site in downtown Singapore.
By Heather Chen for CNN on August 2, 2022
Justice Human Trafficking Ukraine-Russia War Refugee Crisis

Millions of women and children have fled the war in Ukraine. Traffickers are waiting to prey on them

There was nothing obviously untoward about the woman who approached the Palanca border crossing between Ukraine and Moldova with a 15-year-old boy she said was her nephew.
By Ivana Kottasova for CNN on August 1, 2022
Environment Water Crisis Droughts Man-made Disaster

'Day Zero': This city is counting down the days until its water taps run dry

Every day, Morris Malambile loads his wheelbarrow full of empty plastic containers and pushes it from his home to the nearest running tap. It's much further than the usual walk to the kitchen sink — just a little under a mile away — but it's not the distance that bothers him.
By Riaan Marais for CNN on June 21, 2022
Justice Mining Sexual Abuse Women Workers

'Abhorrent and systemic' culture of sexual abuse in Australian mining, inquiry finds

Mining in Western Australia, a multi-billion dollar industry which helps power the nation's economy, is plagued by an "abhorrent and systemic" culture of sexual abuse, according to a parliamentary inquiry published Thursday.
By Hannah Ritchie for CNN on June 23, 2022
Children LGBTQ Communities Mental Health Support Mental Health

How to support your LGBTQ child's mental health

When Justine Larson's son came out as transgender at age 11, she didn't know how to react. Despite being supportive of LGBTQ communities, Larson struggled to accept that her child, assigned female at birth, would have a different life than she imagined.
By Rachel Fadem for CNN on June 29, 2022
Environment Climate Crisis Human Activity Climate Change Impact

Human-induced climate crisis is making Japan's cherry blossoms bloom earlier

Every spring, crowds flock to admire Japan's cherry blossom -- a dazzling pink and white bloom that has been revered in the country for more than a thousand years.
By Helen Regan for CNN on May 20, 2022
Environment War Environmental Destruction Environmental Impacts

Ukraine's natural environment is another casualty of war. The damage could be felt for decades

The pine forests around Irpin are Oleh Bondarenko's happy place.
By Ivana Kottasová for CNN on May 22, 2022
Health Extreme Heat Health Impacts Child Health

Extreme heat poses significant and growing health risk to babies and children, study shows

When Aaron Bernstein became a pediatrician roughly 25 years ago, it didn't occur to him that the climate crisis would grow into a critical health problem for his young patients.
By Rachel Ramirez for CNN on June 15, 2022
Environment Climate Crisis Climate Finance Extreme Weather Events

Climate crisis costs up over 800% as UN donor nations fail to keep pace, report says

The amount of money needed to aid communities in the face of extreme weather-related emergencies has increased by more than 800% in the past two decades as the climate crisis also rapidly accelerated, new research shows.
By Rachel Ramirez for CNN on June 7, 2022