Justice Refugees Migrants Physical Violence

On this journey, no one cares if you live or die.’ Abuse, protection, and justice along routes between East and West Africa and Africa’s Mediterranean coast

Report from UNHCR, published 2020
Justice Migrant Smuggling Migrants Sexual Exploitation

Abuse and Neglected

Report from UNODC, published 2021
Justice Human Rights Human Rights Defenders Human Rights Violations

The state of the world’s human rights

Report from Amnesty International, published 2022
Justice Education Educational Inaccessibility Armed Conflict

Education under Attack 2022

Report from Human Rights Watch, published 2022
Justice Incarceration Undertrial Bail

Bail and Incarceration: The State of Undertrial Prisoners in India

Report from SSRN, published 2017
Justice Caste Criminal Justice System Discrimination

Criminal Justice In the Shadow of Caste

Report from National Dalit Movement for Justice, published 2018
Justice Forest Rights Forest Rights Act (FRA) Forest Dwellers

Community Forest Rights At a Glance 2017-2020.

Report from Kalpavriksh, Oxfam India, published 2020
Justice Police Response Migrant Workers Aid Workers

Police Response To the Pandemic A Rapid Survey of Migrant and Aid Workers

Report from Common Cause, Lal Family Foundation, published 2021
Justice Tea Plantations Tea Workers Human Cost

Addressing the Human Cost of Assam Tea

Report from Oxfam International, published 2022
Justice Policing Crime Human Trafficking

State of Policing and Law & Order in Delhi

Report from Praja.org, published 2020