Health Non-communicable Diseases Premature Deaths Economic Benefit

Saving lives, spending less: a strategic response to noncommunicable diseases

Report from WHO, published 2018
Health COVID-19 Stateless Persons Vaccine Access

The Impact of COVID-19 on Stateless Populations: Policy recommendations and good practices on vaccine access and civil registration

Report from UNHCR, published 2021
Health Refugees Migration COVID-19

Apart Together survey

Report from WHO, published 2020
Health Neglected Tropical Diseases Disability-Adjusted Life Years COVID-19

Neglected tropical diseases: impact of COVID-19 and WHO’s response – 2021 update

Report from World Health Organization, published 2021
Health Older Refugees Migrants Healthy Ageing

Health of older refugees and migrants

Report from World Health Organization, published 2018
Health HIV Antiretroviral Therapy HIV Prevention

Miles To Go Closing Gaps Breaking Barriers Righting Injustices

Report from UNAIDS, published 2018
Health Unintended Pregnancy Sexual and Reproductive Health Unwanted Pregnancy

State of World Population 2022

Report from UNFPA, published 2022
Health Unintended Pregnancy Abortions Sexual and Reproductive Health

Country-­specific estimates of unintended pregnancy and abortion incidence: a global comparative analysis of levels in 2015–2019

Report from BMJ Global Health, published 2022
Health Anaemia Pregnant Women Open Defecation

Trends and drivers of change in the prevalence of anaemia among 1 million women and children in India, 2006 to 2016

Report from BMJ Global Health, published 2018
Health Visually Impaired Eye Care Blindness

World report on vision

Report from WHO, published 2019