Environment Forests Land Use Emissions

Doubling of annual forest carbon loss over the tropics during the early twenty-first century

Report from Nature Sustainability, published 2022
Environment Water Scarcity Safe Water Saharan Africa

Groundwater: The world’s neglected defence against climate change

Report from WaterAid, published 2022
Environment Forest Land Restoration Food Security

Review of forest and landscape restoration in Africa 2021

Report from FAO, published 2021
Environment Climate Risks Climate Change Impact Vulnerable Populations

What near-term climate impacts should worry us most?

Report from Chatham House, published 2021
Environment Extreme Weather Events Climate Crisis Climate Finance

Footing the Bill: Fair finance for loss and damage in an era of escalating climate impacts

Report from Oxfam, published 2022
Environment Air Pollution Burden of Diseases Air Quality

Global Burden of Disease from Major Air Pollution Sources (GBD MAPS): A Global Approach

Report from Health Effects Institute, published 2021
Environment Urban Areas Disease Air Pollution

Global urban temporal trends in fine particulate matter (PM2·5) and attributable health burdens: estimates from global datasets

Report from Lancet Planet Health, published 2022
Environment Climate Crisis Climate Poverty Agricultural Sector

Counting the cost 2021: A year of climate breakdown

Report from Christian Aid, published 2021
Environment Built Environment Carbon Emissions Environmental Impacts

Whole life carbon assessment for the built environment

Environment Land Degradation Water Resources Climate Change

The state of the world’s land and water resources for food and agriculture- Systems at breaking point

Report from The Food and Agriculture Organization, published 2021