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Women Farmer Distress Women Leaders Women's Participation

Women Rise in Anger at Farm Law Protests Breaking Patriarchy and Stereotypes

One of the fascinating fallouts of the protests by farmers at the border of Delhi has been the emergence of women in the forefront taking charge. Women have also been active in protests against the farm bills in Punjab.
By Vivek Gupta for NewsClick on January 2, 2021
Women Financial Crisis Debt Poverty

How Punjab's Rural Women, Neck-Deep in Debt, Are Trapped in Microloan Cycles

RBI regulations to check over-borrowing or ghost borrowers have failed to deliver, catching women in a cruel cycle of taking loans to repay loans.
By Vivek Gupta for The Wire on February 18, 2021
Economy Garment Workers Migrant Workers Economic Cost

Lockdown Fallout: Distress Stalks Garment Workers in Ludhiana

In the shadow of the second wave of infections, labourers in Punjab’s industrial town Ludhiana are still getting low wages, while the city confronts acute joblessness.
By Vivek Gupta for NewsClick on March 18, 2021
Environment Agriculture Water Crisis Droughts

Winter drought in Himachal impacts agriculture and drinking water supply

Lack of sufficient rainfall in Himachal Pradesh, between January and March, has caused major losses in the crops sown in winter.
By Vivek Gupta for Mongabay on April 26, 2021
Justice Bonded Labour Slavery Dalit

How Punjab's Dalit Labourers Are Trapped to Live a Bonded Life

A survey revealed that big peasants, who were among the top lenders to the labourers, gave them loans in the garb of paying low daily wages.
By Vivek Gupta for The Wire on May 30, 2021
Health Substance Abuse Drug Abuse Drug Addiction

'One in Seven Persons in Punjab Are Dependent on Addictive Substances': Report

In a major concern, the report by Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, notes among those consuming opioids or 'chitta', the number of injecting drug users has gone up considerably.
By Vivek Gupta for The Wire on February 25, 2022
More Landfills Waste Management Fire Accidents

In Chandigarh, frequent landfill fires highlight the need for proper waste management

The city’s garbage dump has caught fire 486 times in past 15 years, a situation that returned this summer again.
By Vivek Gupta for on April 30, 2022
Rural Flash Floods Marine Debris Rehabilitation

In This Himachal Village, Debris From Flash Floods Has Made Half the Farmland Unusable

'We have no role in disturbing the climate. We are living peacefully, away from the daily hustle and bustle of urban life. But it is us who are suffering disproportionately from the effects of the changing weather,' says one villager.
By Vivek Gupta for The Wire on April 30, 2022
Environment Climate Disasters Flash Floods Human Impact

‘Our Minds Are Often Restless, Worrying That Floods Will Wash Away Everything’

In Gue village, located in Himachal Pradesh’s Lahaul and Spiti district, flash floods have become an annual event.
By Vivek Gupta for The Wire on April 30, 2022
Rural Farmer's Suicide Debt Farmer Distress

88% of Over 9,000 Punjab Farmers Who Died by Suicide in 18 Years Were Debt-Ridden: Study

The Panjab Agriculture University study examined deaths by suicide among farmers between 2000 and 2018 in six districts of the state.
By Vivek Gupta for The Wire on June 21, 2022