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More Human Trafficking Financial Crisis Livelihoods

Post-COVID, loss of income acute among trafficking survivors: study

The women have little support of institutional schemes such as MGNREGS, it says
By Shiv Sahay Singh for The Hindu on October 27, 2020
Economy Human Trafficking Debt Trafficking Survivors

Trafficking survivors took more loans at higher rates, finds study

Second wave of COVID-19 forced vulnerable women to take high risk loans beyond their repaying capacity
By Shiv Sahay Singh for The Hindu on July 1, 2021
More Sundarbans COVID-19 Vulnerability

COVID-19 worsened matters in Sundarbans: UN report

The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction study says double burden of disease and cyclone disrupted education and reinforced vulnerabilities faced by children and women
By Shiv Sahay Singh for The Hindu on June 18, 2022