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Women Women Decision-Making Rural-Urban Divide Decision Making Powers

Indian Women Are Exercising More Agency But Urban-Rural Gaps Persist

Indian women are exercising more agency as they participate more in decision making within their households, own and operate bank accounts and mobile phones, and own a land or a house than in 2015, according to the latest data from the second phase of National Family Health Survey – 5 released in November, 2021.
By Eisha Hussain for BehanBox on December 15, 2021
More Hunger Marginalized Populations Food Insecurity

Grave Hunger Crisis Stares India’s Most Marginalised: Hunger Watch Report

Two years into the pandemic, approximately more than two-thirds of Indian households surveyed across 14 states reported experiencing some kind of food insecurity, according to the findings of the second round of Hunger Watch survey.
By Eisha Hussain for BehanBox on February 28, 2022
Women Crime Against Women Dalit Women Crimes Against Dalit

Why UP’s Crime Records Fail To Report Full Extent Of Crimes Against Dalit Women

Crimes against women in India have dropped by 8.3% and in Uttar Pradesh they have declined by 17.4%, as per the latest Crime in India (2020) data released by the National Crime Records Bureau in September 2021.
By Eisha Hussain for BehanBox on February 24, 2022
Justice Maternity Leave Access to Maternity Benefits Adoption

How Maternity Leave Policies Discriminate Against Adoptive Mothers And Children

As an adoptive mother with children over three months of age she could not get a single day off.
By Eisha Hussain for BehanBox on March 21, 2022
Equality Transgender Portal Red Tape Biases

India’s New Transgender Portal Is Caught In Red Tape, Apathy And Bias

Roll call is always traumatising for Veronica Tyagi, 19, a trans woman studying zoology at the Lovely Professional University in Phagwara, Punjab. Every time Tyagi responds to the name “Vishal”, listed in the university register, the faculty raises questions. “They ask me baseless questions about my gender.
By Eisha Hussain for BehanBox on March 30, 2022
Justice Sexual Violence Sexual Assault Survivors Dalit

Dalit Survivors Of Sexual Violence Deal With Blocks To Justice At Every Step

It can take anywhere between half a day to three months for Dalit survivors of sexual violence – or the families of victims – to get a first information report (FIR) registered with the police, as per a recent joint report of two collectives, the National Council of Women Leaders (NCWL) and the Dalit Human Rights Defenders Network (DHRDN).
By Eisha Hussain for BehanBox on May 12, 2022
Health Abortion Access Digital Identity Abortions

Insistence On Digital ID Limits Access To Abortion In India, Raises Privacy Concerns

The insistence on furnishing a digital identity proof, especially Aadhaar, at healthcare facilities not only limits women’s access to abortions, which is highly stigmatised in India, but also has worrying implications for data privacy, say experts.
By Eisha Hussain for BehanBox on May 14, 2022
Women Female Casual Workers Health Hazard Illegal Factories

In Delhi’s Illegal Factories, Hazards, Precarity Are Every Day Challenges For Women Workers

The recent industrial fire at an electronic assembly unit of Cofe Impex Pvt Ltd in west Delhi’s Mundka village has exposed the social and economic precarity of casual women workers, the hazardous operation of such sweatshops and poor implementation of safety regulations.
By Eisha Hussain for BehanBox on May 25, 2022
Women Digital Spaces Marginalised Women Women's Rights

How Digital Spaces Are Pushing Marginalised Women Campaigners Further Into Shadows

The rights of women from India’s marginalised communities are being disproportionately constrained and eroded in digital civic spaces, says a report by The Bachchao Project, a techno-feminist research and advocacy collective.
By Eisha Hussain for BehanBox on June 20, 2022
Women Gender Crime Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) Gender-based violence (GBV)

Why Delhi Cannot Celebrate Its Declining Gender Crime Numbers Yet

Here are some critical data-points on crimes against women in Delhi for the year 2020 from the Crime in India report by National Crime Records Bureau.
By Eisha Hussain for BehanBox on June 27, 2022