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Health Rehab Industry Substance Abuse Drug Users

Covid-19 is destroying the rehab industry

At the beginning of 2020, addiction treatment was a solid, growing industry, with 15,000 providers, $42 billion yearly revenue, and a projected 5.2% annual growth. Then Covid-19 hit.
By Annalisa Merelli for Quartz on September 11, 2020
Health Substance Abuse COVID-19 Impact Mental Health

Substance abuse makes Covid-19 even more dangerous

Covid-19—and its corollaries of uncertainty, isolation, and financial distress— is a mix of high-risk factors for developing a substance abuse disorder, or relapsing.
By Annalisa Merelli for Quartz on September 16, 2020
More COVID-19 Indian Diaspora Public Health Crisis

The Indian diaspora is struggling to help with the Covid-19 crisis in India

The Indian diaspora—the world’s largest, at 18 million—is watching loved ones struggle through the largest Covid-19 outbreak on Earth, and trying to find ways to help. In the span of few weeks, cases shot up from 15,000 a day in March to 200,000 a day in the past week.
By Annalisa Merelli for Quartz on April 22, 2021
Health Vasectomy Birth Control Contraception

Vasectomy rates suggest it’s not likely that men would take a birth control pill

After decades of research and numerous failures, there is a new hope for a male oral contraceptive.
By Annalisa Merelli for Quartz on March 30, 2022
Health Vaccine Access COVID-19 Vaccination Poor Countries

Poor countries got screwed on covid vaccines. They’re making sure it won’t happen again

For a minute, in March of 2020, it seemed like the world was one. Cases of covid-19, yet to have a name, were popping up in every corner of the globe, uniting humanity against a common threat.
By Annalisa Merelli for Quartz on April 19, 2022
Health Vaccine Access Equitable Vaccination COVID-19 Vaccination

This is what you can do to help with vaccine equality

The data on covid-19 vaccine inequality is damning.
By Annalisa Merelli for Quartz on April 28, 2022
More Occupational Hazard Unsafe Working Conditions Occupational Injury

Nearly a decade after the Rana Plaza collapse, Bangladesh is still one of the most dangerous countries for workers

A fire in a container facility set off a series of explosions on Saturday evening local time, killing at least 49 people in Bangladesh and injuring at least 150.
By Annalisa Merelli for Quartz on June 6, 2022
Health Access to Abortion Abortion Rights Safe Abortion

How Mexico ensures access to safe abortion without legalizing it

When it comes to abortion, Mexico offers a glimpse of a possible future for the US.
By Annalisa Merelli for Quartz on June 7, 2022
Economy Billionaire Wealth Inequality Extreme Poverty

The pandemic created a new billionaire every 30 hours

In early 2020, the world counted 2,095 billionaires. Today—two years, half-a-billion covid cases, and at least 6 million covid deaths later—there are 2,668.
By Annalisa Merelli for Quartz on May 24, 2022
Health Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Infant Deaths Child Health

Her baby died in his sleep. Her 29-year quest to find out why has led to a big breakthrough on SIDS

To new parents, many things are terrifying—yet few of them are as scary as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS.
By Annalisa Merelli for Quartz on May 19, 2022