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More Technological Innovations Digital India Digitalization

India can soon be the tech garage of the world

Govt should act as a catalyst with the aim of innovating for India and the world
By Amitabh Kant for Livemint on September 9, 2020
Economy Technology Technological Innovations Welfare Reforms

The policies we should prioritize to truly transform our economy

India must encourage industry, innovation and technology to make the most of new opportunities created by recent reforms
By Amitabh Kant for Livemint on January 4, 2021
More Collectivised Solutions News18

Amitabh Kant Writes: The Power of Collectivised Solutions in Fighting the Coronavirus Pandemic

How an empowered group has with NGOs, Private Sector, and other international organisations to create a unified response system to battle the coronavirus pandemic
By Amitabh Kant for News18 on May 21, 2020
Economy Economy

A blueprint to make local Indian brands truly global

Create economies of scale, focus on land and labour reforms, push infrastructure, and encourage innovation
By Amitabh Kant for Hindustan Times on May 27, 2020
More Agricultural Policy Farmers

Finally, freedom for our farmers

On 5 June 2020, the landscape of agriculture changed forever. Three ordinances came into effect.
By Amitabh Kant for The Times of India on June 16, 2020
More EdTech Education Digital Education

The future of learning in India is ed-tech

Amitabh Kant writes: The pandemic-induced learning crisis and the Fourth Industrial Revolution have made it necessary to reimagine education and align it with the unprecedented technological transformation.
By Amitabh Kant for The Indian Express on June 30, 2021
Children Education Girl Child Dropout

Making sure that girls don’t drop out of school

Amitabh Kant and Piyush Prakash write: Addressing gender bias in education requires providing social, financial and emotional support to the girl child.
By Amitabh Kant, Piyush Prakash for The Indian Express on August 29, 2021