Women Women Entrepreneurship Under-Funding Gender Budget

India ranks among the lowest in the world in women’s entrepreneurship

A lack of access to funds is one of the biggest hurdles Indian women face in pursuing entrepreneurship.
By Mimansa Verma for Quartz on June 22, 2022
Women Women's Rights Peacekeeping Gender Equality

Promoting women’s rights, a ‘proven’ strategy for peace and stability

The Women, Peace and Security agenda is “one of our best hopes” for a more peaceful future and a liveable planet, UN Secretary-General António Guterres told the Security Council on Wednesday.
From UN News on June 15, 2022
Women COVID-19 Gender-based violence (GBV) Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG)

UN Women and UNDP report: Five lessons from COVID-19 for centring gender in crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has deepened a trio of interlocking crises that threaten women and girls around the world: spiking levels of gender-based violence, steep losses in employment and an unmanageable increase in unpaid care work.
From UN Women on June 23, 2022
Women Financial Distress Informal Workers Credit Cooperatives

Why Credit Coops Outdo Banks In Alleviating Financial Distress Of Informal Workers

Inclusive financial networks such as credit cooperatives are more effective than traditional financial institutions in relieving the financial distress of women whose lives and livelihoods are hit by catastrophic events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, shows a yet-to-be-published survey by SEWA Bharat, a federation of women-led bodies that provide economic and social support to women in the informal sector.
By Devika Oberai for BehanBox on June 21, 2022
Women Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) Women's Safety Shadow Pandemic

Violence against women is a shadow pandemic - we must take action to stop it

Violence against women around the world has increased amidst COVID-19.
By Bincheng Mao for World Economic Forum on June 16, 2022
Women Gender Crime Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) Gender-based violence (GBV)

Why Delhi Cannot Celebrate Its Declining Gender Crime Numbers Yet

Here are some critical data-points on crimes against women in Delhi for the year 2020 from the Crime in India report by National Crime Records Bureau.
By Eisha Hussain for BehanBox on June 27, 2022
Women Water Management Water Security Water Sustainability

India's women water warriors transform parched lands

Together they carry rocks and mix concrete to build dams, ponds and embankments to catch the fruits of the June monsoon
From Deccan Herald on June 30, 2022
Women Public Policy Exclusion Women’s Representation

Policy For Women, Policy Without Women?: Understanding Gendered Exclusion In Public Policy

Questions on the representation of women in decision-making roles must go from how many women participate to how gender representative are institutions.
By Soumya Singhal for Feminism In India on June 18, 2022
Women Sundarbans Human Trafficking Cyclones

Ground report: How cyclones Amphan & Yaas pushed girls from the Sundarbans into trafficking

Cyclone-battered South 24 Paraganas is one of country's poorest districts & hunting ground for traffickers
By Taran Deol for DownToEarth on June 21, 2022
Women Devadasi System Devadasi Practice Exploitation

‘The Gods Are Not Going To Save Us Just Because We Are Married To Them’

It is three decades since the devadasi system was outlawed but women, mostly Dalit, are still forced into ‘marriage’ with Hindu deities and considered ineligible to ever marry a human being. With police & state governments not enforcing the law, south India’s devadasis struggle to get education, monthly pensions, housing and dignity.
By Vidheesha Kuntamalla for Article 14 on June 23, 2022